I have been trying to increase the max upload size without any success.  I have rwead several posts here and in other forums and tried all the recommendations.  It comes to this: whatever change I do to the php.ini files (there is no .htaccess in my installation) has no effect whatsoever: the max upload size is 2M.  Even setting upload off has no effect.  It looks that this is either hard coded or there is another configuration file that I am not aware of.



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Have a look at the Fileserver specific docs. Or have you already tried that?

Yes, I tried adjusting the parameters indicated.  Just to remove any doubt I set file upload to Off  and everything remains the same.  I also rebooted the appliance between changes just to be sure.

UPDATE1: I was not aware of the lighttpd part (sorry, I am an embedded guy that does not know about php, ajax, and the like!).  In any case, I was never able to log in as admin into the Ajax explorer, I got the message: "illegal string offset 'disk'".  Also, I was looking into /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf and there is no size-related parameter.  I need to continue looking for where that may be.

UPDATE2: I was looking for information regarding lighttpd and it seems the default is 2GB and it usually does not need to be modified.  As per the php.ini settings, this is what I tried (default in parenthesis):

  • file_uploads = On (I tried to set it to off and nothing changed)
  • upload_max_filesize = 50M (8M)
  • max_file_uploads = 20 (20)
  • max_input_time not defined (the default is -1: unlimited)
  • memory_limit = 250M (32M)
  • max_execution_time = 90 (30)
  • post_max_size = 200M (16M)

The virtual machine has 1GB RAM initial.  I had initially set up an extended volume for increased capacity.  I am now trying the pure vanilla installation.  Same results: upload fixed at 2M.

I would appreciate some help on this.




Apparently, all the problem was that not being able to log in as the Ajaxplorer admin and making the needed changes in the upload plugin setting caused that the changes I had made in the php.ini file were overwritten.


The reason why I could not log as admin was that I was trying to log into the Samba domain, not in Local (an option you can pick from the inconspicuous pull down list in the login window!!!).  Oh, the disadvantages of not knowing what one is doing! :)


Hope this will help others to avoid this pitfall.




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Glad you got it sorted and thanks so much for posting back!

Perhaps that little gem needs to go into the docs!? It's probably one of those things that to those that know, it seems intuitive; but to those that don't, it doesn't even occur to them...

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The File Server only Allows a Upload Size of 1GB.  I want to Increase the Size.

There is no PHP5 Directory in order to Edit the PHP.INI File.

I am using Version 16.1.

Is there another File that I can Edit to Increase the Upload Size?





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This is a really old thread discussing a previous UI we used. The frontend UI we provide now does not use PHP (so the PHP file size/memory limts, etc don't apply).

I note that you have opened a fresh thread (which was a good idea). I responded over therea few hours ago (not sure why but I missed this post until now).

It certainly does sound like you were trying to upload a file via the web UI (aka WebDAV-CGI in more recent releases of our fileserver appliance), but please respond to the questions I asked (on your thread) so I can be 100% sure.

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