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We are looking for Leave Management application. Do you have someone we can talk to?

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Hi there and apologies on my slow response. I've had my head down in "dev mode" trying to finalise our upcoming v17.0 release.

Assuming that by "Leave Management" you mean employee leave management, then off the top of my head, the only appliance that we have is OrangeHRM.

Having said that, the tone of your message suggests that you may not understand how TurnKey Linux works. With pre-configuration and custom tools, we try to make it easy to manage your own server. We aim to lower the bar for those that aren't already familiar with Linux and/or headless servers by development of tools. But it does require either some basic Linux server understanding and knowledge; or at least a willingness to gain it.

FYI our appliances are mostly used by SMBs, NGOs, DIYers, tinkerers, IT departments, IT consultants, etc who wish to save themselves money by self-managing their own server(s) (or managing other's servers for the IT consultants).

So having said that, if you want to test the software out, then I suggest that you download and launch the VM (e.g. in VirtualBox). If you need more assistance than that, please feel free to ask specific questions. I'll respond ASAP - hopefully much quicker than this slow response...

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