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as I'm a newbie, I want to install the TurnKey Core OVA and run Heimdall on it.

What is the difference V16 to V17

Can I use the V16 OVA meanwhile and update later to V17?

What's best?

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Firstly, it's worth noting that v17.0 has a serious issue - which is currently being addressed. I'll be back shortly with v17.1 updates of all the apps done to date.

But to specifically answer your post, as I've noted in the v17.0 release announcements, for v17.0, we are focusing on the ISO and Hub builds initially. The rationale for that is that updating all the build code for all the different build types takes time. But all the other builds are built from ISO. So if we focus on ISOs (and Hub builds, which can only be done by us) then once they're done, we can batch the other build types (once the code is updated).

That means, for those who wish to see the other builds sooner, can help out. This has already been the case for Proxmox/LXC builds. A Proxmox user has assisted me to update the buildcode. With a little more testing I'll start building those too. So if you'd like to assist pushing the OVA build forward, you could help out!?

Alternatively, you could just install from ISO (wait until the v17.1 ISOs are available - or download the v17.0 ISO from the mirror and apply the bugfix). The main difference between the ISO and the OVA (beyond being able to skip the 'install' step, the package format and the VM pre-configuration) is that the VM build includes the 'open-vm-tools' package. Note that I have removed the download links for v17.0 ISOs due to the previously mentioned v17.0 bug. So if you wish to install v17.0 from ISO, then you'll need to download it directly from the mirror. Don't install security updates, then apply the fix (as noted in the blog post) and finally run 'turnkey-install-security-updates' and reboot.

Finally, you could install the v16.x OVA. It's quite usable and the base OS will get security updates for a few more years yet. If you wanted to update it, you could do an "in place" Debian upgrade to update it to a Debian Bullseye/11 base (the same base OS as v17.x). However, it won't really be v17.x as it won't include any tweaks we've made for v17.x. Another alternative would be to migrate your data across to a v17.x appliance (once they are available for v17.x).

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