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Having a bit of trouble getting the Live stream recording function to full work in Avideo.

After getting Live streaming to work I was hoping to be able to record my sessions and have them hosted under my account. 

Once I start a stream and then head over to the https://[]/plugin/Live/   page and hit the Start Record button. A small window (looked like a loading bar) pops up for a split second and goes away. OBS disconnects and reconnects but I have found no indication that recordings have been made. Waiting a few minutes and hitting Stop Recording does the same thing that Start did. No new videos show up in under my account, nor does the hdd seem anymore full than it was before. 

If there are logs for this I don't know where they are located.

If anyone needs any information on configuration, let me know and I'll post it. Most things are default as this is a fresh setup.

Running as an LXC on proxmox

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Unfortunately, I'm not super familiar with Avideo. But IIRC to get the live functionality working, you need to have HTTPS working properly via a domain, with a valid SSL/TLS cert. Having said that, I have only tested it in a "proper" VM (i.e. not a container). So perhaps there are additional config requirements to get it working under LXC?

Finally, the LXC containers are getting pretty dated. We've been updating appliances, but so far have only built ISOs (I do hope to produce containers soon). So you may have better luck with the newer (v17.x) Avideo ISO? Obviously you'll need to install it to a VM (rather than a container) but the overhead shouldn't be too bad and as a "proper" VM, if it's going to work, it'll work there!

Having said that, perhaps a better place to start troubleshooting is to try to work out what is actually wrong, rather than just guessing and throwing things at it. I note that Avideo have a troubleshooting page. Mostly that should apply to our appliance, although the Nginx logs will be in a different location (those instructions show nginx installed from source - we just install from Debian repos). By default, Nginx logs are in /var/log/nginx/ (rather than /usr/local/nginx/logs/). Also, in case it isn't clear, the doc root is /var/www/avideo.

So in summary, I'd recommend first checking the logs to see if anything stands out. Please feel free to post logs here if you want a hand trying to decode them. Generally copy/pasting the text is best (ideally into a code block) but a screenshot will do...

If that doesn't help and/or you just want to try a different tack, I suggest installing v17.x from ISO into a new VM. Then test if that "just works". If not, then try configuring a domain and getting a free Let's Encrypt cert (it will only work once the domain resolves to your server - make sure that is working before you try to get a cert). Once that is all set up, if it still doesn't work, then please check the logs again.

Please let me know how you go. If you continue to struggle, I'll install myself and see if I can get it working. FWIW, I can confirm that Live mode appeared to be working fine when we tested the newer ISO earlier in the year.

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I do have it all through https with a domain. I will try it with the ISO but I do think i've narrowed the problem down a little more over the past day.

Live mode does indeed work after some tweaks to ports, but the recording function does not. In the container variant at least.

Past posts on other sites have led me to looking for a plugin they all say to enable called "SendRecordedToEncoder" as the recording does happen if I set nginx to "record all" , but nothing gets moved to show up under any accounts... The release I'm using doesn't seem to have that so I'll do the ISO install and see what the difference is. 

Thanks For the insight


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No worries and good luck!

Live mode should "just work", so I'd be interested to hear what tweaks you needed to make to get it working. Or did you mean tweaks external to the LXC Avideo server?

Regardless of whether the news is good or bad, please do post back to let us know how you go.

TBH, I hadn't considered that what you are trying to achieve may not be "core" functionality (and you may need a plugin). If it ends up needing a plugin to do what you want and the plugin is free, then please share about that too and we'll look to pre-install it by default in a future release.

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In the "Live" parameters on the site. (Plugins > Live > Edit parameters) the player URL and Stats Page URL are listed as https://[mydomain].com:8443/live https://[mydomain].com:8443/stat  whereas   nginx.conf has this set as port 444 ssl ... So I just had to change these to https://[mydomain].com:444/live  ect after a little hunting. OBS would accept the stream but AVideo never showed me as online/live until I changed those over to 444.

All of this is on the same host.

Sadly it doesn't look to be a free plugin. 

In the newer version you pointed me to, the "start record" button is completely gone. My guess is that it would be added back with said plugin. But I'll see if my little experiment overall works before I move to making purchases for it. 


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