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Don't start Delayed_job on Canvas LMS (on all 16 subversions),

I am developer on Rails.

Bun can not run delayed_jobs on the Canvas.

  Very much trace errors. And don't work the process in Rails.  

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root@canvas .../canvas/script# ./delayed_job run


Could not find i18n-1.8.5 in any of the sources


Run `bundle install` to install missing gems.

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Apologies on delayed response. I've been trying to have some holidays and haven't been doing that great a job of it... :)

Unfortunately, I'm not particularly familiar with Rails apps in general, or Canvas in particular. We do have a new release coming really soon though, which should hopefully be a big improvement on what we currently provide.

In the meantime, the only thing I can suggest is that you try installing the module(s) that it complains are missing. Please feel free to share more info if that fails.

Also, could you please confirm whether this is an existing Canvas instance you've had running for a while, or one you've only just launched?

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