Installed turnkey-wordpress-13.0-wheezy-amd64 from here. When run, it asked me to create passwords for everything, including Wordpress.  I used "admin".  But in login attempts, username/password admin/admin is invalid.  Created two different VMs this way, same result.

Can you help?


Update: I since have tried entering a different password at setup but that doesn't work either.  Is there a different default user besides admin?  I also tried different settings for Network, to no avail.  What am I doing wrong?!?


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The default username to log into the shell and Webmin is 'root' (with the root password you set). To log into the WordPress admin account the username is admin and should honour the password that you entered...

Have you checked the integrity of your download (ideally it's best to check the gpg sig, but double checking the SHA hash should be adequate).

The only other thing I can think of OTTOMH is that perhaps WordPress has a complexity requirement that TurnKey's init script doesn't check for (so it set's the password but WordPress won't actually accept it as a valid password. Although having said that, I'm pretty sure that for testing purposes I have used 'password' and it worked fine...

Also FWIW you don't need to reinstall to rerun the initialisation scripts. You can just rerun them with:

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I'm experiencing this issue as well. The passwords for adminer and root as set during the initial setup are accepted after a reboot of the virtual appliance, but the admin pass is being refused as incorrect.
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I wonder why it's not working for you? I just tested with a relatively simple password and it's definitely working for me?! Are you attempting to log into the 'admin' WordPress account?

If so, then the only thing I can think of is that perhaps there is a character in your password that WordPress doesn't like?

If you care to share the password with me (best to email: support AT - please note that it's related to this thread) then I can have a closer look at what might be going on.

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Koos replied via email, saying:

I did use 'admin' as the account for logging in on the webmin page. I am using the same password for root, adminer and admin: kkWp2023. I'm running the appliance in VirtualBox 7.0.6 on a Linux Mint 21.1 desktop computer. As I stated: logging in as root on the OS works fine, same for logging in as adminer for the dbms. I even tried to use a slightly different password for admin, but to no avail.

My response:

Hi Koos. Ah ok. That's the issue then! Webmin login leverages PAM authentication (i.e. "normal" Linux user login) so try using 'root'. 'admin' is the username for WordPress itself (only). Apologies if that wasn't clear. For what it's worth, that is detailed on the WordPress appliance page.

Good luck with it.

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