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Odoo as a company is doing what it needs to survive, but Turnkey does not need to promote them.  They portray themselves as free then leave out the most essential elements of an ERP package, the accounting module.  This earns the moniker of adware in my view, and should be removed from software that should work without purchase or subscription of any kind.

I would be excellent if Turnkey could source another ERP package that did NOT leave any elements of it's package out like one of the following:

  • SQL-Ledger
  • LedgerSMB
  • ERPNext
  • WebERP
  • ERP5
  • other independent, web server oriented multi-user accounting platforms
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Hi Brian, thanks for providing your feedback. Although we won't be removing Odoo. We have quite a few users using it (the free open source version) and are very happy with it for their purposes (I'm not sure if they are using it for ERP though?). It's perhaps also worth noting that the Odoo appliance was a community submitted one. So unless there is some technical or licensing reason why we need to stop providing it, we'll continue to provide it.

Regardless, it does sound that Odoo doesn't suit your ERP purposes. Your other suggestions sound good and we'd certainly be open to including some (or potentially all) of them as well. Unfortunately, we're pretty snowed under with maintenance and other infrastructure and development stuff at the moment. So if you'd like to see one, some or all of your suggested appliances implemented, we'll need a hand.

If you have any inclination to have a bit of a go at that, then all that should be required is a TKLDev VM, a bit of basic bash knowledge and some time and patience. There is already a fair bit of documentation but I'm more than happy to coach you on how to develop buildcode if you need a hand.

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Although I agree that Odoo is a bit aggressive in encouraging people to use their Enterprise Package my experience is quite good with the community package and I also not that there are many "addons" that can bring accounting and other features to make the Community package very complete.

I would encourage everyone to check out the Odoo Community Association (OCA) to see the very extensive set of very "Open" addons that can plug easily into Odoo.  Others can also be found (along the OCA ones) on the Odoo Apps store.  I read in the last year, written by the CEO of Odoo, that for every 10 lines of code that Odoo the company writes (round about) 100 lines of code are written by the community.

Here are some links to OCA:

Github Repository:

OCA Website Directory:  (not really a shop but the metaphor allows you to explore all of the modules)

Odoo Apps Store - OCA Modules:

I hope this may be helpful for explorations.

L Arnold


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