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Is Samba4 Included in turnkey linux 11.04 domain controller appliance?

Because I have successfully configured, and setup samba4, on turnkey linux core 10.04 lts beta, and I was wondering if how I would upgrade my operating system, without doing a clean install? and keeping all of my stuff?

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See the package manifest here.

Regardless, you should be able to migrate your current setup which uses Samba4 to the Core TKL v11.0RC (which should setup Samba4 for you identically) using TKLBAM. Test it out and let us know how you go.

Also did you take notes of your Samba4 setup and have you got any feedback of your experiences to share with the TKL community? I'm sure others would be interested to hear.

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How am I supposed to install Core TKL v11.0RC without reinstalling, and reformatting, etc, and doing a fresh install of turnkeylinux Core TKL v11.0RC, without losing samba4, and how I am supposed to do it with TKLBAM? and I just signed up for the turnkey hub, because it said that tklbam needed it. could you please send me a invite, so I can use tklbam? and the turnkey hub, is completly free right?

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The idea is that you would be able to use TKLBAM (TKL Backup And Migration) to migrate your current PDC to TKL Core 11.0RC. In theory it should install Samba4 (assuming its from the repos) and all your config etc.

You can request a Hub invite here. And yes it is free, but you will need a credit card to sign up to AWS (Amazon Web Services). There is a charge if you choose to use Amazon S3 storage (the default) but it is only ~15c/GB/mth so is not particularly expensive unless you have lots of data. You can specicy an alternate target when using the commandline. 

Before you do this, I strongly suggest that you do some reading. Read the original blog post and responses (this one by Liraz about backing up to targets other than S3 will be interesting if you don't want to use AWS) and the documentation, especially the FAQ

So here is the process I'd use:

  • Read all about TKLBAM (links above), perhaps even watch the video. Make sure you understand all the concepts, anything you're not sure about, get clarification first.
  • Sign up to the Hub, register an AWS account etc. Prepare your target if required.
  • Set up a test server (I'd use a VM running under VirtualBox or similar) somewhere with TKL Core v11.0RC installed.
  • Install TKLBAM on your current PDC, backup to your desired target.
  • Migrate your setup/data from your target into your VM.
  • Check everything went smoothly, ensuring that everything works as it should, all config good, etc. Any bugs or issues, please post and/or lodge a bug.
  • If no bugs or issues, install TKL Core v11.0RC to your original machine (ie reformat, install, etc).
  • Migrate your setup/data to your new TKL Core v11.0RC machine.
  • Done :)

BTW, did you have any feedback from your Samba4 experience?

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I have a question is their an alternative storage that is free, completly free?

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Not sure if I understand what you are asking but if you sign up for TKLBAM and then use local storage you won't be charged per GB for local backups (e.g., --address file:/// ...).

But you'll still need a credit card to sign up for Amazon S3 because that is part of the TKLBAM sign-up process. Remember that TKLBAM is optimized for storage to S3.

I understand what you want to ask, but the way you are asking it doesn't make sense. Nobody is ever going to store your backups for free because it still costs real money to do that. The best you might find is someone that subsidizes the first 2GB and then makes you pay through the nose for everything else.

Besides, nothing is completely free. However with TKLBAM you are free to shift one type of cost (E.g., GB per month + network latency) to another type of cost (e.g., acquisition of local hardware + the labor of setting everything up locally + reduced reliability).

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