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I am just want to know when turnkey domain controller will solve windows 11 22H2 update,, problem with join domain controller, 

I keep using windows 10 in my company and prevent upgrading to windows 11 untill this problem solved


where can I track the solution or if it will be solved in release 17 ?





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The Domain Controller build code has been updated and the resulting ISO is confirmed as working with latest Windows 11 (I tested it last week with a clean install of Win11 Pro - with all updates installed). Unfortunately we just haven't published it yet though. I had hoped to release it with the batch that were published last week, but I missed the boat.

We don't have that many appliances left to update for v17.x, but they (including Domain Controller) will be built and published together as soon as they're all ready. I'm hoping that will be next week, but I can't promise that as there are variables outside of my control.

So I see 2 clear options:

  1. Wait a bit longer - AFAIK Win 10 remains supported and will be for some time, so nothing really lost there (unless you have some burning need to update to Win11).
  2. Build a copy yourself.

The first option is pretty self explanatory. As I note above, I hope that it will be within the next week, perhaps 2. Although I'm only guessing and can't give a firm timeframe (one of the outstanding appliances requires us to develop a workaround for an upstream issue that they appear unwilling to address).

The second option will require a little work on your behalf, but shouldn't be too hard if you have any interest. Here's how the process should work:

  1. Install TKLDev to a VM. Please be sure that you download the latest v17.2 release (that's what you should get automatically, but it's important so I wanted to explicitly note it).
  2. Log in as root and run the following commands:
    cd products
    git clone
    cd domain-controller

After that (and assuming that it completes successfully) in your TKLDev (relative to the domain-controller directory) in the build sub-directory you should find a file named "product.iso". That should be your v17.x Domain Controller ISO and should "just work".

If you want to go ahead with option 2 and hit any issues, please feel free to let me know.

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Hi Jeremy, 


Sorry for late reply, I see that the v17.1 is release and should solve my problem, so how can I upgrade my current installation to the latest version, I cannot find a documentation for this 



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