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Can somebody give me some hints as to how to get tklbam-backup to backup docker configuration and containers? Looking through a restore of a Turnkey Core installation running Portainer and a couple of docker containers, it seems, at the very least, that the following directories aren't being included in the backup:














Obviously, excluding changes to the above directories is going to have an impact on more than just docker installations and I can't imagine that this would be deliberate. As such, I assume it's entirely my fault and if somebody could tell me how to run a complete backup of all changes to the filesystem, I would be very grateful.

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Hi Nicholas.

You must include the pertinent directories in your backup settings in order to guarantee a thorough backup of your Docker configuration and containers using tklbam-backup. Here are some pointers for doing so:

1. The directories related to Docker that you want to backup should be identified. Your description suggests that these folders should be:

  • /run/docker
  • /var/lib/docker

2. Modify your tklbam-backup configuration to include these directories. You can typically find the configuration file at '/etc/tklbam/backup.d/[backup-name].conf'. Edit the file and add the directories to the list of directories to be backed up.

3. Run the backup command after saving the configuration file's modifications. By doing this, you can be guaranteed that the backup will retain the folders that you specify, together with your containers and Docker information.

You ought to be able to gather the files required for a whole backup of your Docker setup by including these folders. It's crucial to read the tklbam-backup documentation and take into account any unique needs or suggestions made by the program.

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