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I loaded a turnkey owncloud server and initalized it. It ran fine. Did apt-get update && apt-get upgrade.


When I went to the page on port 80, it still says Please initialize this system...


I tried doing turnkey-init again. Same thing. Still says Please initialize this system...


I've seen this before and never solved it when it happens. This is running form the LXC template for proxmox 4




after several reinstalls, i eventually alloted way way more CPU and RAM and it worked properly. Guess it needed more resources than I had given it.

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Sorry to hear about your issues. Did you end up downloading it again? If so that would explain how it "got fixed".

There was actually a bug in the new version of TurnKey (v14.1) that we uploaded but hadn't (still haven't) yet announced. As soon as we discovered it, we rebuilt them and re-uploaded them (without changing the version). So it may not have been obvious that you downloaded a different version.

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That actually explains alot. I had the problem with another appliance as well (openvpn)


either way, love turnkey. Keep up the awesomesauce

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current version of observium is having the same symtoms.



edit: default lxc link grabs 14.0-1, grabbed 14.1-1 instead... when i didnt manually grab 1-1 form http://mirror.turnkeylinux.org/turnkeylinux/images/proxmox/ it never worked properly



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So the older template is having problems but the new one is ok? Is that right?
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I am new to turnkey and proxmox. I installed debian-11-turnkey-core_17.1-1_amd64.tar.gz on proxmox as an LXC. I have a bunch of stuff running on there so I dont really want to reinstall it. Luckily its all in docker so if I really have to I guess I could copy the compose file and make sure I just keep the volumes outside of the OS drive, but I'd be surprised if this is yet again some bug that got fixed in a newer version. To be clear, it is stuck on that screen on port 80, but I am using the OS without issues. I'd just like to get rid of that page.
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Whilst your experience may appear the same, as noted in this thread, the issue was resolved. Regardless, something clearly isn't quite right on your server.

To step back a bit, what you are seeing we call the "initfence". It is designed to block all contact with web interfaces on your server until you have logged in via SSH and completed the firstboot scripts (inc things such as setting passwords, regenerating secrets, etc).

Did you go through those questions when you first logged in (via SSH or in the PVE terminal)? As noted by the OP in this thread, they did, then even ran turnkey-init afterwards - but you didn't note whether you did that too?

If you've definitely answered the questions at least once, please double check that the value of 'RUN_FIRSTBOOT' is false. I.e.:

grep RUN_FIRSTBOOT /etc/default/inithooks

Should return:


If it is 'true', then something has clearly gone wrong.

The logs don't give much detail, but you may get an insight into what went wrong from the log: /var/log/inithooks.log. To check for errors:

grep 'exit code' /var/log/inithooks.log

Please share any errors and/or feel free to post the whole file if you want my 2c.

If everything appears to be working ok otherwise, but 'RUN_FIRSTBOOT=true' then you can manually change that like this:

sed -i "\|^RUN_FIRSTBOOT|s|=.*|=false|" /etc/default/inithooks

And to manually disable the initfence:

_TURNKEY_INIT=y /usr/lib/inithooks/firstboot.d/97turnkey-init-fence-disable

I recommend a reboot to ensure that all is well.

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I ended up reinstalling turnkey on a new LXC and this time it worked. And yes I did go through the wizard on my first ssh last time, but dont know what went wrong

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