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I loaded a turnkey owncloud server and initalized it. It ran fine. Did apt-get update && apt-get upgrade.


When I went to the page on port 80, it still says Please initialize this system...


I tried doing turnkey-init again. Same thing. Still says Please initialize this system...


I've seen this before and never solved it when it happens. This is running form the LXC template for proxmox 4




after several reinstalls, i eventually alloted way way more CPU and RAM and it worked properly. Guess it needed more resources than I had given it.

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Sorry to hear about your issues. Did you end up downloading it again? If so that would explain how it "got fixed".

There was actually a bug in the new version of TurnKey (v14.1) that we uploaded but hadn't (still haven't) yet announced. As soon as we discovered it, we rebuilt them and re-uploaded them (without changing the version). So it may not have been obvious that you downloaded a different version.

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That actually explains alot. I had the problem with another appliance as well (openvpn)


either way, love turnkey. Keep up the awesomesauce

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current version of observium is having the same symtoms.



edit: default lxc link grabs 14.0-1, grabbed 14.1-1 instead... when i didnt manually grab 1-1 form http://mirror.turnkeylinux.org/turnkeylinux/images/proxmox/ it never worked properly



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So the older template is having problems but the new one is ok? Is that right?

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