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I installed the Turnkey Moodle appliance in Virtualbox and got hat running.  When I use my browser to access moodle and login with the admin/turnkey account I then try to add a new user or add a new course, or check on any bookmark on the left that will make a change, I get a blank browser screen.  I am unsure what, if anything, I did incorrectly. I used the default instructions for loading an appliance.  I have installed twice now thinking that the database was corrupted the first time around, but still could not get it to work and the same issue has arisen the second time around.   I am using VB 3.2.10.

To further clarify, the problem only seems to exist for me on RC 11.0 and not the Hardy install.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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I think this problem along with a workaround has already been reported. It seems there is a bad interaction between Moodle and the PHP version in Lucid. This is a bug in the Lucid package which we will have to look into fixing for the release.
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Thank you for the quick feedback!

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