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Have I done something to receive this message, or is something missing?

Failed to edit mount : Module fdisk does not exist

LAMP stack 11.0rc


Thanks again people!

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I don't think you shouldn't get a message like that unless you were trying to do something. So it depends on what you were trying to do... (in other words probably need a little more info; when do you get it, where do you get it, what modifications have you made, do you have some special use case, etc).

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No modifications.

Just trying to add a drive.

Clicked on;

System -> Disk and Network Filesystems

Selected "Type" and click "Add Mount"

That's all?!

Didn't know if something else needs installed before this becomes functional or if something is missing?

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Sounds like perhaps fdisk is not installed. I haven't got a TKL instance handy but perhaps try installing it. I just had a quick look and it seems that there isn't a package called 'fdisk', only 'fdisk-udeb' or 'gnu-fdisk'.

At the command line, try the first one and then see if it works:

apt-get update && apt-get install fdisk-udeb

if it doesn't, remove it and try the other:

apt-get remove fdisk-udeb && apt-get install gnu-fdisk

If neither of those work then I'm stumped at this stage. You'll just have to do it manually from the command line (have a search on the Ubuntu forums you'll find how over there for sure).

[edit] Just thinking... fdisk is for partitioning I recall? Not sure why Webmin needs that just to mount an HDD - seems strange... fdisk can be very destructive, I'd make sure you have everything backup just in case something nasty happens...!

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But what is odd is that this hadn't shown up before now? Apparently no one has tried to mount anything yet using LAMP Turnkey 11.0rc and similar appliance(s). Or so it would seem?

Anyway the first suggestion resulted in;

"Couldn't find package fdisk-udeb"

Tried the second suggestion. It did complete succesfully, however even after a reboot got;

"Failed to edit mount : Module fdisk does not exist" while attempt to add a mount.

So I remove it, seeing it did not solve the problem.

Any other ideas? I'm not qualified to do this via CLi. Meaning, doing a mount with boot option.

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And perhaps even stranger that gnu-fdisk doesn't (fdisk-udeb should be in the main repo and gnu-fdisk should be in the universe repo so it should be the other way round). I'll have to have a look at this some time. I think it's worth reporting it as a bug (assuming its not already).

In the meantime you could try searching the package archive and see if there are any other packages that seems relevant (if you haven't recently run apt-get update run that again first).

apt-cache search fdisk

Regardless, mounting a HDD from the command line is not too hard once you work out what one it is (that's where fdisk comes in - I'd forgotten about that hence my comment above). Have a look at this post I made a while ago. It contains a link to the mount documentation and the commands that you should need to run and hopefully it will be helpful. The first few posts on that thread may be useful too (especially if you wish to add an NTFS formatted drive). Here is a link to the Ubuntu docs about auto mounting that may also be useful.

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I'm getting the exact same errors as Dasanco. I can't install fdisk with "apt-get update && apt-get install fdisk-udeb".

Installing fdisk with "apt-get install gnu-fdisk"

I just downloaded a fresh copy of LAMP Turnkey 11.0rc yesterday and haven't done anything other than try to install VMWare tools. I can't mount the CDrom to get the tools installed.

I'm willing to try anything at this point.


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You should be able to mount a CD and/or ISO from the commandline. It uses the same mount command as I mention above. A search of the Ubuntu forums should give you the exact commands you need. Sorry I'm not much help off the top of my head.

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Also, if you look at the screenshot I included (above), it seems that something is missing from the page.

If the error wasn't displayed, it still seems there is no way of confirming your entry. Like the [Save] button is missing, something?

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I can't see a screenshot? I will have to have a look at this when I get a chance and will hopefully be able to help you guys out.

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I think there is a Webmin module called fdisk and I think that's what its talking about, that makes more sense actually. Try this:

apt-get update && apt-get install webmin-fdisk

and see if that works. If not, try the apt-search command like I suggested above and see if there is a Webmin module that contains the name 'fdisk' and apt-get install it.

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