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I am trying to install the MediaWiki version.  I wanted to do a manual partition scheme. 

The partition editor seems to be missing options.  When ever I select an existing parition, it won't allow me to edit the partition.  I always get the same erro, "no root file system selected".

In past installs of various Ubuntu versions I recall more choices during the partition editor.  Normally I can choose mount point, create partition, delete, etc.

Is Turnkey only set up to use the entire disk?  No manual paritioning allowed?

The only choices during manual parition setup are:

  • Guided Partioning
  • Help
  • Undo changes to partitions
  • Finish partitioning and write changes to disk
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Thanks for reporting this, I have submitted it as a bug:

You can subscribe to the bug report to get notified when it is fixed.
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This issues has been solved, and a the fix has been commited to the turnkeylinux code repository and package archive.
Version: di-live-0.9+1+gnae130b

Refer to the bug report for more info:
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