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I would like to thank you for the appliances.  They are huge time savers.

I have setup a trac appliance on Amazon EC2 using the Turnkey Hub with the new Ubuntu 11.04 appliances that just came out.

I've attached a 1GB EBS volume to it and used the following commands to mount the partition and create a symblic link.

ebsmount-manual --format=ext3 /dev/sdf
ln -s /media/ebs/vbd-2160/a1b2 /vol

Now, I would like to move the web root, trac data, and repositories to the EBS volume in case something ever happens to the instance.

What steps would I take to do so?

I would assume that moving the /var/www would be the following:

# make the new doc root for apache
mkdir /vol/var
# move instance doc root to new doc root area
mv /var/www /vol/var/www

# make the new doc root for apache
ln -s /vol/var/www /var/www
# restart apache so new doc root is used
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

If that is correct, I would like to do the same for the trac data and database, and the repository directories.

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But why not just use TKLBAM to backup your data? It would be just as effective as a backup solution and much less mucking around. It would also make restoration (should something go wrong) easier too.

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I'm using an AMI instance from another provider called Pantheon for a high performance, high availability Drupal setup. http://groups.drupal.org/pantheon for further details.

Currently on my Pantheon setup, that's what we are doing with www and mysql data, we have moved it to a separate volume so that in case anything ever happens to the instance, we can simply spin up a new instance and attach the ebs volume to the new instance.

Additionally, we can clone the volume and spin up additional test or development instances and attach the cloned volumes to those additional instances.  An example would be to test some development changes with live or up-to-date data.

Additionally, and I don't mean to be negative, but since I'm new to Turnkey Linux and am still in the process of evaluating the appliances, I don't have to be tied to Turnkey Linux if I move my data to an EBS volume and take S3 snapshots of the EBS volume as my backup methodology.


That being said, and before I've responded to your post, I have made the effort to go out and read all about TKLBAM.  I have to admit that it does sound pretty good.

Currently, there are no costs associated with TKLBAM other than the cost of S3 storage from Amazon, which is approximately $0.15/GB per month. 

Are there any future plans for implementing TKLBAM costs to the users other than the S3 storage charges from Amazon?

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