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First of all my congratulations for the excellent work.

I tried to do a backup and restore.

The backup ends without errors, while the recovery crashes and isn't complete.

could you help me?

I attach the logs.


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The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  proftpd: Conflicts: ftp-server
  proftpd-basic: Conflicts: ftp-server
                 Conflicts: proftpd (<= 1.3.1-11) but 1.3.1-6ubuntu1 is to be installed
E: Broken packages
I'm not sure what the issue is caused by. Did you uncomment or add any repos from standard prior to the backup?
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no, I have not changed it.

the contents of the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/source.list is:

deb hardy main
deb hardy universe

deb hardy main
deb hardy universe
# deb hardy restricted
# deb hardy multiverse

deb hardy-updates main
deb hardy-updates universe
# deb hardy-updates restricted
# deb hardy-updates multiverse

# deb hardy-backports main
# deb hardy-backports universe
# deb hardy-backports restricted
# deb hardy-backports multiverse

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TKLBAM is developed in Python, and Python programs usually give an exception when they crash. Did you run TKLBAM via the shell or the webmin module? Unfortunately, I can't see from the restore log how it crashed. I'll have to look into capturing exceptions in the logs but in the meantime it would be helpful if you could try running the tklbam-restore command in a shell and cut and pasting the exception...

Just a guess, but could you try increasing the mysql packet size?

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Initially I used the webmin interface.

After receiving the advice, I used the console and the error received was:

ERROR 1153 (08S01) at line 100002: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes

Following the advice I changed the parameter max_allowed_packet to webmin but the error remained.

I then manually changed the parameter max_allowed_packet (150M) in the my.cnf file but the problem persists and the procedure returns the error written above.

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I tried to terminate the instance amazon and generate a new instance.

After changing the parameter sql and have taken a new restore, the procedure was completed without error 1153. It remains, however, this error

The following packages Have unmet dependencies:
   proftpd: Conflicts: ftp-server
   proftpd-basic: Conflicts: ftp-server
                  Conflicts: proftpd (<= 1.3.1-11) But 1.3.1-6ubuntu1 is to be in

After the restore I can only access the console, while webmin does not start!

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I removed and reinstalled proftpd and now the procedure does not generate errors.

But when I restart webmin still not available ...

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From the console I ran the command:

apt-get install webmin

and now webmin starts.

But I still doubt that something will not work in the future ...

I attach the new log to restore in file

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But I'm a novice when it comes to this stuff so I'd wait for a second opinion :)

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My doubts was about my work (I hope I have done everything correctly) and not about the system :-)

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Regarding the package conflict I think the appliance you tried to restore to had ftp-server installed and that was in conflict with proftpd on the backed up system (or the other way around...). You didn't tell us which appliance version exactly you were backing up and which you were restoring to but I suspect you may be using TKLBAM to upgrade between Hardy (locally installed) and Lucid (in the cloud).

Could you share the appliance versions you were backing up/restoring to?

Regarding the issue with MySQL not accepting the maximum packet size, it sounds like you just needed to restart the service so that the configuration change would apply.

I'm not sure why Webmin was giving you trouble after the restore but it's recommended to reboot after a restore to restart all the services. Did you try that?

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