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Is there a way for the OpenID login option of this forum to give hints or links to providers?  Without it, I find it difficult to have to go look up the correct format.  I don't work with Drupal, so I don't know what is available, but a system like the one at StackOverflow would be great.

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Great idea Dan! I just took at what StackOverflow is doing and I really like it. Drupal should make it possible to either hack the login form template or at least write a custom module that implements this. It doesn't look too complicated so I've added this idea to the todo list but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a Drupal module we can just grab off the shelf for this purpose.
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Turns out this wasn't so complicated after all. Thanks again Dan for suggesting the idea!
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Just tried it out and it works great!  Thanks!

Nice added touch.

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I just deployed OpenID support to the TurnKey Hub as well.

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