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What's the best way to get the feel for when a new version of a certain appliance will be out (or at least see what's on the TODO list for the new/next version)?

In particular, I'm wondering when the new Redmine appliance using Redmine 1.1.0 (or maybe even 1.1.1 which should be ready soon) might be released?


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Which is fine and dandy, and I support it, but it's difficult to keep up with.

When updating the TurnKey Redmine appliance for the 11rc release I updated to 1.0.2 in mid October. Then, for the 11.0 release I updated to 1.0.4 in on 19th December. Then just as we were getting ready to start the 11.1 release I glanced in my inbox to find a Redmine security alert that 1.0.5 had just been released. So, re-build, re-test, re-upload (not to mention the VMDK's, OVF, AMI's in all regions, etc.).

We decided to go the extra mile due to the security release, but on our limited resources, we can't continue to run-in-circles like that.

So, I'd recommend upgrading to the latest Redmine upstream release according the official documentation if required. We will upgrade to the latest stable release when we come out with a 11.x maintenance release.

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