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Hi Everybody,

i have a VPS on which i choose to install turnkey wordpress linux. Everything works fine except for DNS configuration. I followed steps contained in this procedure:

But i have issue when i give it the following command:

apt-get -y build-dep lsb-base

The error i receive is this:

Reading package lists..

DoneBuilding dependency tree

Reading state information... Done

E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list


What kind of "source" URI i'm supposed to set? My source.list is the following:

deb hardy main
deb hardy universe

deb hardy main
deb hardy universe
# deb hardy restricted
# deb hardy multiverse

deb hardy-updates main
deb hardy-updates universe
# deb hardy-updates restricted
# deb hardy-updates multiverse

# deb hardy-backports main
# deb hardy-backports universe
# deb hardy-backports restricted
# deb hardy-backports multiverse

I tried also to add the following sources:

deb-src hardy main
deb-src hardy universe

deb-src hardy main
deb-src hardy universe

deb-src hardy-updates main
deb-src hardy-updates universe

How can i handle this issue? Any suggestion? Thanks for all the help you can give me

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I don't get it, why does this tutorial recommend installing BIND9 from source? Note that it's generally a bad idea to do that unless you really want to maintain security sensitive server software by hand. If you install from source you don't get security updates automatically installed via cron-apt. If there is an issue and you don't respond quickly enough your system may get compromised.
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apt-get update
apt-get install bind9 webmin-bind8 dnsutils

webmin-bind8 is the Webmin BIND module (don't worry that it's BIND8 - it works fine) and is optional. Dnsutils is also optional but it has some handy tools.

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Thank you both for your answers.

I did as Jeremy suggested and now it seems that BIND is installed, i see it in Webmin panel. Now i have to look for instructions on how to setup if you have suggestion on this i will appreciate very much!

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If you can clarify what you are trying to do then perhaps I can help.

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Ok, I'm trying to point my domain to my VPS. I understand i need to setup BIND, define Zones and write DNS it right?

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My take on this is that you have 2 options here.

1) Many VPS providers offer a nameserver service. Domain registrars often do too. If that's the case you can just get (one of) them to manage it and you won't even need to use BIND in your TKL appliance. Even if your VPS provider/domain registrar doesn't offer that service there are plenty of others that offer this free or relatively cheaply. You will also need the registrar of your domain to point your domain to these nameservers.

2) If you want to do it yourself (which I've never done so it's blind leading the blind here) then AFAIK you set up BIND with an 'A record' (and/or an 'AAAA record' in the case of IPv6) which just points your domain name back to your server (so the nameserver and the server itself both reside on the same machine). This will also require your domain registrar to point to your nameserver (ie your VPS).

I'm not sure what general accepted practice is but I've always thought that someone else providing nameservers is the best option for reliability. Generally most that provide this service will have (at least) 2 separate nameservers so the likelihood of them both failing simultaneously is relatively low. Personally I would contact whoever you registered your domain through and ask if they also provide nameservers, otherwise check with your VPS provider.

Good luck and be great to hear how you go.

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Unfortunately my domain registrar is not too fair in answering my (dumb) questions :-) However looking into my admin panel i see that i can change some parameters related to DNS but i don't know if it's the same thing you are speaking about. I grabbed a picture, do you think that managing these only parameters i can avoid BIND?

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So you need to give your VPS' IP address to or get someone else to provide it and change the NS records to suit. 

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