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I'm using Turnkey Linux Joomla v1.6 on my home computer successfully.  It serves-up a very low-volume web site that I host for myself with my own URL.

Now I'd like to add webmail capabilities using mail.<myURL>.com .  I only have one IP Address, so I can't add a second Turnkey Linux Email Server.  Instead, I'd like to add it to the one I'm currently using.

Generally speaking, how do I add Email Server capabilities to an existing Turnkey Linux Joomla server?

Alternative suggestions, comments, & ideas are totally welcome!


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But I would imagine that it is configured to for mail specifically regarding Joomla (eg lost password etc). It may be able to be reconfigured to do both but I am unsure and have no experience with it. Have a look at the Ubuntu server documentaion around email here (TKL v11.x is Ubuntu 10.04 under the hood).

If you are looking for a fuller featured mail server tied in with a Webmail type solution then perhaps have a look at the iRedmail TKLPatch provided by Adrian, there is some background to this endevour provided here (where Basil initially looked at iRedmail). You may be able to apply the patch directly to your Joomla install although it may cause some unexpected results so back up everything first (TKLBAM would be a good option IMO).

There are numerous other alternatives if you'd prefer such as SquirrelMail, RoundCube and Horde (Google should provide you with some links).

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Google apps can be used as a free account and you can link it to your domain if you have one!? TBH this looks a bit spammy to me, especially after looking at the site that is linked to.

[update] After some consideration, I have decided to remove the direct link to the website. For benefit of the doubt I have left enough info so those that are really interested can work out how to get there. Please feel free to contest my decision if you think you have a valid argument.

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