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I'm running a Joomla Turnkey server (I can't access this server from the hub anymore...How could I restore this?)

Here the message I have received after a try to launch the backup :


I guess the issue is that, my server is not more registered in the Hub...?

PS: I can see my instance and EBS running on Amazon.

Thank you for your support

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Are you saying that the server does not appear in the Hub server listing? Did you unregister it?

Regarding the ServerIDNotFound, see this thread.

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Yes, I have  unregistered this server from the HUB...(Was a mistake)

Can you restore the server in the Hub with my Instance ID? Or what is the process to restore it?

PS: I would like also to remove the passphrase I have attached to this server TKLBAM.

Thank you,


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