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I set up a Turnkey Linux WordPress appliance as a sandbox for development.  I'd like my clients to be able to see what I’m working on but unfortunately my ISP blocks port 80.

So I set port forwarding on my router to forward port 8081 (WAN) to port 80 (LAN).  This works fine from outside for my main site using

But I created a sub site at (LAN)  That works fine from inside but when I try to access from outside using I get a timeout error. 

Is this the right syntax?

     Thanks in advance. - Chris

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The format you use should work and I don't really understand why
works but doesn't. Especially considering it seems to work inside your LAN but not from outside.

Not sure whether it will help in your scenario or not but some dynamic DNS providers (many listed and discussed in this thread) allow to redirect ports at the DNS level. So instead of requiring you can just use from outside and it will resolve to the desired port. As I say, I'm not sure whether that will solve your issue, but it may? Also another thing you could try is setting up the server to listen on 8081 (rather than 80) that way hopefully you will at least get consistent results from inside and outside your LAN.

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