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Update: This thread is now somewhat irrelevant as TurnKey have just announced Domain management and Dynamic DNS which can take care of all your dynamic DNS needs! Yay!

Abridged version of the story: I'm interested in a dynamic DNS service (DDNS) to replace DynDNS (willing to pay a little if the features are right). ATM this is mostly just for my son and I to use, so a free/included domain is probably best. Ideally I'd sort of like something with cool names though (DynDNS has some cool ones). Any recommendations are welcome. Read on if you want the full rambling story...

I'm feeling a little gutted by DynDNS right now. I'm not sure whether I have legimate reason to or not but I do!

I have had a free acount with them for years, with 3 free (DynDNS supplied) domains connected to my (dynamic) home IP. I've had my router auto updating but some time ago it stopped working for no apparent reason and I never got around to solving it, or implementing another updater. As I wasn't using it that much I disabled (but kept) 2 of the names and have been manually updating it when i wanted to use it. Its a bit of a pain because you need to log in once every so often (every 2-3 months I though it was?) to keep the account alive. But they always sent me a warning email so it was ok. That and access to wildcards, extra domains and additoinal names to choose from (on a paid account) was  making me consider paying. It's only US$15/yr so it was really just a matter of getting around to it.

But today I went to log in to update the IP and it wouldn't let me log in. When I tried to recover my password (although I was sure it was right) it said my account didn't exist! I was a little put out but I signed up again but noticed to my dismay that they have now made it only two names for free accounts and limited the domain choices all to names that all contain 'dyndns'. I also notice that you need to log in every 30 days now. I do recall getting an email from them saying that things were changing for free accounts but not for those already registered so I probably didn't pay enough attention.

Now I understand they've got to make money somehow but I feel like I've been pushed into paying them to keep getting the service I had (which I was already considering anyway). And that leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. I double checked and unless I inadvertantly deleted it, they did not send me a reminder email re deleting my account (as they always used to) so I can't help but feel like I've been set up.

All in all I've found the DynDNS service very good and the others I looked at were about the same price (or a little cheaper) but often for less features. So perhaps I'm being petty and a tightwad and need to just stop whinging and pay up the $15 to get my and domain names back that I liked (and wildcards which would definately be a bonus too!) or I need to find another provider. I had a quick look but nothing really jumped out at me so for now I've taken a middle path and renewed my DynDNS free account with a name I really don't like. Really love to hear others experience, thoughts, recommendations and opinions.



I didn't read the entire post :D ; But from the title of post, I'm writing this .

I 'm using free service offered by in my home. It is a good one.

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I posted this elsewhere but it might be hard to find it, so replying here as it is most relevant.  We are doing our best to maintain a complete and up to date list, which is forwarded from the old masters including, technopagan,, etc.

DNS Provider List: DDNS

Comments, updates, changes welcomed!   We did add the turnkey to the list as well.

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I'm sure I didn't keep my domain inactive... I didn't receive any advice... I can't restore it for free. A free, misleading, service
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DynDNS changed their service. If your account is inactive for 1 month they will cancel it.

I recently looked for a cheaper alternative and couldn't find one.

Basil's suggestion has competitively priced services.'s  free service also doesn't appear to be as limited as DynDNS.

The only one limitation in no-ip 's free plan is that. the number of Domain's per account is limited to 5. In my case I need only 1 for home use :)

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I think I'll give no-ip a go. I still sort of want to buy DynDNS because (up until now anyway) they've been pretty good, but this stinks of dodgey tactics to get me to pay (when I was already considering it anyway). I just can't bring myself to pay for it now. If I like no-ip enough, perhaps I'll pay for their service?

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"... but this stinks of dodgey tactics to get me to pay..."

I agree about that, but the free-pushers suddenly change their services to "payable", and at the same time cripple the free services does not supprose me.

To put it short, those phoney free-pushers can kiss my a.. !

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Same history, deleted account, etc etc. I don't use them anymore since months. But I haven't check for an alternative. I will look into no-ip. My router (IIRC) only have DynDNS as provider. So I would have to install extra things to a linux box, i'm I right? I'll check it later

Yes , no-ip provides a client application, which need to be installed in PC (windows,linux versions available). It will report current IP to

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Hello Adrian and all,

Only a couple of DNS providers support dinamic IP updates such as no-ip, zoneedit and dyndns. There are a few smaller ones which I have not checked. If you can get a fixed IP from your ISP, it works for the better but less "techy", right ? :). My ISP charges 8$/month which is a bit steep, and I need to support about 20 businesses which means 160$/month.

I tried zoneedit but the web site was often unresponsive. As I need to login into the web area ONLY when need arises, and henceforth cannot tolerate additional problems, I eventually dropped zoneedit. DYNDNS services are pretty resilient to errors, and has a wide variety of options including the internet guide services (excellent addition !!! no p05n at work !!!).  I run dyndns in a business environment which is fully attended by dyndns portfolio, and I added another services to my DYNDNS account and now I pay 100$ a year andI have not found ANY problems. Compare that to ~2K$ I would have paid for business maintenance !

I do have some gripes, the first one is that you cannot LOCK DOWN the dyndns updater client in windows with a password, thus giving access to ALL my registered hosts to ANY client ! So, I do not use their windows updater at all, only their routers implementations, and second gripe: routers cannot be used for updating custom domains (ie, purchased domain names), only their dynamic ones. I eventually find solutions for anything, but their client is a bitch.

As for LINUX dynamic dns updaters, I use the latest ddclient version (3.8.0), which is a lightweight command line utility that works great for all dynamic dns providers (it does), and will happily send you my cfg file on demand.



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I'm sorry to hear of your troubles with our free accounts. When we decided to make this change, we wanted to make sure that we did everything we could to take care of our current free accounts. The last thing we wanted was for those users, like yourself, to feel like we were trying to force them into paying us. That's why we sent the email out, warning people of the upcoming changes, and explaining how they could prevent it from affecting them. 

Accounts only expire if you don't log into your account or have an update client send us an IP address update at least once per month. Because most people use us for the dynamic DNS piece, this is a good way of taking care of 90+% of our users while making sure we can clear out the dead accounts. In most cases, if the user hasn't logged in or updated their account, it's because they don't plan on using it anymore. Just to make sure, we send a warning email out 5 days in advance that includes a link that they can simply click on to keep the account active.

I'm glad to hear you're still interested in staying with us, and my goal for commenting on your post was to let you know that:

1) We care
2) We're not trying to force you into anything

If you're still interested in upgrading with us, contact our sales team at and refer to this blog post and we'll give you a discount to help get you in the door. By being a paying customer you won't have to worry about things like this happening again (so long as the account is paid for) even if you don't update your IP address or log in. 

You have my personal email address that I used to fill out this comment, so feel free to hit me up there as well if you have any other questions.

Best regards,

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Sorry to hear about your troubles JedMeister, but if you still want to use them, Chris is the guy to know as he is the resident ninja squad sensei of Dyn.

I haven't used DynDNS for a while now, but I like their attitude, and are very engaging with their users (as you can see from his comment here, as well as this short write up I did a couple of months back).

What ever you decide, post back with your experiences.

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I must admit that it threw me a bit. Following up by finding this post, reading it and then responding with a fairly extensive reply challenges how I was feeling about DynDNS. Its a lot of trouble to go to for $15/yr (I know with this being public its potentially more than that but still...)

I have not posted back prior because I wanted to digest it and ponder a little. I think I may well email you direct too but I felt that your post here deserved a response (and no doubt another later, rounding up).

I started this topic after first discovering my account was gone and going to set up a new one. And also after spending some time online researching my options. So I was feeling a little annoyed with it all because I couldn't have what I wanted! In some ways I guess thats the irony of supplying me with a flawless free service for probably 3 yrs +/-. Had you gone broke and shut the doors I would've been sad not annoyed!

Obviously some of the responsibility rests with me. I got the email but didn't pay enough attention. I still hadn't got around to setting up the auto updater, that would have been my obvious solution to stop my account expiring!

Thing is, in the past, if I hadn't used my account and it was about to expire, I've always got the emails and used the handy link in them straight away to keep it live. 

I guess what got me was that I'm sure that I didn't get another email after the one warning of the changes (its not in my inbox and the one about changes is still in my trash - there are no others!) It seemed unlikely to me that the next reminder email would get lost straight after making those changes.

I guess its possible that I had missed one prior to the email regarding changes (I think it unlikely but possible) and it had already expired? If that was the case and assuming there was a window of opportunity following the email warning of changes before the changes were implemented then I'm a bit silly for not reading the email properly and checking straight away...

So I guess I can see now how it may have possibly happened through no fault of yours. You can thank Alon (and his high esteem of you & DynDNS) for giving your post the full weight it probably deserves (in my eyes at least). But regardless, thanks again for posting.

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I'll double check with the engineering side to make sure the emails are still going out correctly. I definitely don't want people losing their accounts because of something on our end, so it never hurts to do a double check.

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I liked that you are here giving the face in behalf of DynDNS. The second time my account was deleted I stopped using your services. It made me real mad as I've always used it for years until the changes you made. 

My router is supposed to update dyndns constantly, and so my account shouldn't be deleted. Last time it was, I didn't even receive an email of warning. Just a call of a friend trying to access my home server without success. 

Maybe dyndns changed something in it's API that broke compatibility with the router? I'll also check how are your prices, maybe I'll just end up buying the domain. 

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I had been using the service without any problem and all of a sudden it quit working.  I have my router setup to update my entry as well and confirmed it was still setup.  This is the reason I never logged into the site, there was no need to, it was working as designed, flawlessly.

After I did some searching online and found this blog post about the policy change, I did additional digging thru my Posting Junk mail and noticed the message got caught by my spam filter, unfortunately it appears that now it is too late as I receive the following error when i click on the included links:

Transaction Error

There was an error processing your transaction:

This transaction has expired. Please request a new password reset to continue.

I emailed sales but I am not expecting much. 

It would be nice if they posted a page in place of routing you to your ip address, notifing of the expiration so you knew you needed to do something...  but now i think i lost my address and a new account won't get that back :(   ( )

I am overall quite dissapointed with this currently...

Hopefully that will bring me back active and modify things a bit and display a message before deactivating or disable the account for x amount of time before just deleting it.  If things would have stopped working I would (as i tried) to log in and check the account.

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I've decided to leave dyndns and look for an alternative, exactly for the reason described above. Suggestion: in case there's no reception at dyndns from ddclients on your customer's servers, then check for dead accounts by verifying email replies.



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Here is the full email chain.

I ended up buying a year b/c it's too much of a hassle to update all of the stuff i'd need to update with a new url...


Hi Louis, is available, so if you upgrade to Pro you'll be able to add it to your account.

Chris Widner
Director of Community, Culture & Customers
*Dyn has released the new powerhouse in enterprise-class email -- DynECT Email Delivery:
As I stated below I can recreate my account however I cannot select the subdomain I would require to reinstate the service I had before my account was deleted.  I tried to purchase Pro but I cannot verify that is available prior to purchase and I refuse to pay for something that would prove useless to me if that alias/subdomain combination is not available.
I am trying to be understanding but I am really expecting some help from your team to assist getting me back up and running.   If you expect me to make a purchase from you after deleting my account, you need to highlight the level of customer service I should be expecting if I was a paid customer.  This is a change in your terms, I did not change how I was using the service, my router was configured to update my IP with Dyndns’ server my account should not have been deactivated.  I AM willing to pay for pro but you need to help me out here…
If you are unable to help me I’d like to get this escalated, again, there are quite a few people that are upset about this, and a little compassion from your team would go a long way and preserving the relationship with dyndns.
Thank you,
From: Chris Widner []
Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 6:03 AM
To: Louis Sanders
Subject: Re: account and dyndns service
Hi Louis,
Since I replied to you directly, sales did not follow-up. As mentioned in my last email, once your free account is removed you  must manually recreate the account and services. To avoid this happening again you should upgrade to the DynDNS Pro service:

Take care,
Chris Widner
Director of Community, Culture & Customers
*Dyn has released the new powerhouse in enterprise-class email -- DynECT Email Delivery:

Chris I was just wanting to follow up as I still had heard nothing back from sales at all [DynDNS #1524044]
I would like to try and work something out with this situation.
Thank you,
From: Louis Sanders
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2011 8:29 AM
To: ''
Subject: Re: account and dyndns service
I am unable to do this as it is no longer an option for that address for free. I don't see how deleting account like this and leaving people out in the cold after is going to get business. If you can work with me to resolve this and get my old address back and give me 6 months credit toward my first year I will purchasing the 15/yr plan for two years now as in as quickly as we can make this happen. but if I cannot check beforehand that I can get back I will not and will look elsewhere for another provider, even if I have to pay.
The only way to make this delete method work is to help people get their addresses back, as painlessly as possible and give them the feeling like they are getting a deal for the discontinued free address spaces.
I look forward to see what compromise can be made that is mutually beneficial to both DynDNS and myself.
Thank you
Sent from BlackBerry
From: Chris Widner []
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2011 04:47 AM
To: Louis Sanders
Subject: Re: account and dyndns service
Hi Louis,
Sorry to hear about your troubles. Once a free account is deleted, we wipe all record of it from our system, so there's no way for me to simply flip a switch to bring it back. You'll need to manually recreate the account, which you can do at anytime.
Best regards,
Chris Widner
Director of Community, Culture & Customers
*Dyn has released the new powerhouse in enterprise-class email -- DynECT Email Delivery:
My account was inactivated without my knowledge (email was caught by Postini) and I really would like to know what options I have to restore my service.  My router was set to update my IP so I had no need to manually log on to the website.
I also e-mailed sales and posted on the following blog:

[DynDNS #1524044]
My sign up email:

The address was:
If DynDNS would disable the actual redirect and keep the account on your system for a few more days it would give people a chance to check into, and fix the service even if something happened to the email.  It’s a REALLY big notification when things stop working, it’s much harder to miss than a single email.
If I cannot get my original service restored I won’t likely stay with DynDNS
Thank you,
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There is a group in turkey that set-up a service purely because dynDns stopped offering its services freely. It's free like dyndns was and has its own app which syncs your IP address.


You can check it out if you want...

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DynDNS was at one time was really good, even at a free level. However, they have recently removed the wildcard option and limited the TLD names for free customers, which for me has brought a change in my thinking. Without the ability to use wild cards (ie. on your account you want to use for your mail server, have a your server and virtual machines with different names, or make more than one website aliased in Apache) it vastly limits the useability and practically of their free servica and forces you to use there paid services.

As a result, I have moved over to using and get all the features I need and no more having to log in every few months to keep the name alive either!

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I've been using NO-IP since 2005 - the commercial service.

I've noticed the hosting fees increasing over time, of course you expect things to go up but now it seems the rising curve is too steep.

I'm paying $32 per year and there's no discount for buying a chunk of years.

How does this compare with DynDNS?


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I have over 100 paid domains with them and now am looking to switch which is how I came across your post. Each time I ask about discounts with the thousands of dollars I spend with them, I get completely ignored which is disrespectful. Their signups try to force auto renewals, and if you miss it, they won't help in fixing it. I feel real bad for those only spending $15 per year.

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Thanks for that post - I've now renewed with No-IP for another year but not more as I think the prices have a chance of going down.

DynDNS does seem cheaper if they offer the same service for $15 (even if they don't care) - this is in the region of what I expect to pay. But for the moment for the current domains I have with them it's not worth the hassle of moving.


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I'm surprised to hear that you've been ignored when contacting us about discounts for so many services. Please feel free to email me directly at and I'll be happy to talk to you. Also, I'd like to know when you wrote in (you'll get a ticket auto-assigned when you email us) so I can see why your requests were not handled. I'm glad you said something as this is not up to our standards at all.

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I have had an account with dyndns for several years and the changes made that do not allow (as far as i know) to use ports specification with the url any more has got me on the search for alternative to dyndns . I need to be able to use the formay or 4042 or ....

so that I can reach my router at :6060 , my home app at :4040 my esxi at :xxxx , my share drive server at :8083 ,  etc ... for support and general access purposes.

I think the restrictions on ports greatly reduces the value of the dyndns services for my personal use.


Thank you !!!

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DNS simply points a hostname/domain name to an IP address. Port specification is handled at the application level. However, you can accomplish what you're aiming for by using our WebHop service.


To make a WebHop, you need to have one hostname ( that you update with your update client. This hostname should be created as an A record pointing to an IP address. You will then create another hostname ( as a WebHop Redirect. In the Redirect URL you will enter "" assuming 8080 is the alternate port you want to use. You can use any port you would like. Now you can type to access your device/server.
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Thank you very much for your prompt reply . I understand and noticed that this could be accomplished using the webhop feature ...

BUT ... you only allow one webhop in the free accounts ... prior to your changes I could use for an web-app1 then for router web access for mysql webadmin , for a  web-stack access, ftp , SSH ,  and so on ....

Now I would need a webhop for each "services"  and you limit to one webhop ... Unfortunately that doesn't work good for me and i assume for many other users out there , it was so much easyer in the previous allowed all ports . I find the change UNFORTUNATE :( ...



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Firstly I'd like to thank Chris ('resident ninja squad sensei') for his pro-active stance on this. If I had had some auto updating config set up then I probably would still be happily using their service. But as it turns out, due to the change of policy I found myself considering my options. I took Chris on his word re DynDNS but I had a look around.

I ended up going with ChangeIP. Their product suits my needs and the price is right (free). I haven't yet rigged up an autoupdater but that doesn't matter as it doesn't expire so I just update it when I need it. I have multiple names and it also allows sub domains and will forward to different ports (which is handy for if your ISP blocks ports or you want to access multiple machines without setting up a reverse proxy).

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As stated on and I realized myself with my wildcard domains, DyDNS removed them from my free account _without_ warning. So it's a lie when Chris Weidner pretends to "care" and "not trying to force you into anything".
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Shoot me an email at with your account information so I can dig into this. We have not intentionally removed wildcards from the free accounts that were grandfathered. So if yours was suddenly removed, that's something I need to look at.

Also, in the future, just reach out to us if you have any problems. I can understand this is frustrating, but we can't help you if you choose to just get angry and accuse us of lying when you haven't given us a chance to fix the problem for you.

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I too have been with DynDns for several years, and over the weekend my wildcard support has gone thus making my home server external connections fail.

However I have just set up a new business and was directing traffic to my own servers until I found a hosting company I liked.  My business site was down with no notice.

Thankfully I spotted the problem within a few days but a few days is an age for a business. I know it was after the 24th because my Google Analytics has web hits on  that day.  I dont get many at the moment as its still a fledgling company but any page not founds do not bare well :(

I have now fixed my forwarding so I dont need wildcards but the disappearance is annoying

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Really great info. I too have been using dyndns for years. Luckily I did not lose my domain but recently I've needed to add another address, however since the pool is now restricted for free users I can't get the same one! I ended up going to changeip based on the comments in this thread. Looks good so far. So thanks to all.

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I will look into some of the others here for interest, thanks for the info. I found this post looking for info on changes to dyndns to explain why the wildcards stopped working on my free account. The only wildcard I was using was www in front of my entry, the ideal solution would be to just use the second free hostname as but isn't a selectable option anymore so thats out. I will probably keep using dyndns simply because until now I've had no probs with them and it's probably just easier to ask family/friends to drop the www when they try to get to my website rather than train them to use a completely new address. But it was annoying, and explained why ddclient was only intermittently working for updates, changing its wildcard=yes option to wildcard=no got that working properly again.
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actually ignore the bit about flipping the ddclient wildcard option, while having it set to yes certainly did not allow wildcards to be used the intermittent sucesses it did get, any errors I was having with that were probably more to do with 95% packet drops on my router, replaced yesterday, than to do with that parameter that was probably just being ignored at the dyndns side. And sorry about it changing the xxxx example to a link, didn't know it would do that, won't take you anywhere
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There is TZO as well, never used it just passing it along as an alternative.

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OF course DynDNS is going to have their PR folk come on here to put out the fire. Do you guys really think they are just coming here cause they like chatting about themselves? No. When people like me google dyndns and this thread comes up high well it looks pretty damn bad at them. Since when did PR folk become resident DNS ninjas?

The biggest thing that pisses me off about them is they go on this huge buying spree buying up all these totally awesome free DNS providers that were just in it for the long-term and didn't have anything to gain. Then they push everybody into their own limited POS accounts and we are having our accounts deleted left and right. I'll be sure to never use DynDNS for any of my clients in the future, even though the accounts that got deleted were my own hobby projects.

Hey Chris. how about you offer all of us a discount? Why just the one blogger who writes it up? Ohhh yah so you can get that one influential blogger to change his mind and maybe even have the post amended. All of us on here had the EXACT same thing happen to our accounts that he had with his, yet you only offered him a discount. Way to make everyone else really feel like you care.

And by the way, I wouldn't take you up on a discount even if I was offered $20 for free dns from you guys.

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I have actually used dyndns for ~10 years now and honestly I have never had a problem, ever. In fact I was so pleased about how I never heard from them about anything, no spam, no bs subscription crap, etc, only if my domain wasn't updated in the required time and was in danger of expiring (this only happened a few times in the beginning). I went ahead and coughed up the $15/year for the upgraded account and honestly wish I did it sooner. I couldn't be happier. I use it with my pfsense firewalls deployed all over the place and things couldn't be better. I suppose I was very lucky not to have the mentioned account problems because that sounds like a real pain. I can only imagine having to go through the trouble of accessing all my firewalls without dns and having to make any sort of configuration change, but lucky for me I didn't. I am extremely pleased with DynDNS.


I'll be honest though, I would love for there to be a way for me to run my very own dynamic dns server where I could just handle everything on my own, which is what I am all about. Anyone know about anything like that?

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I'm sure I've come across some in my travels so I'm sure it's quite doable. Have a google and see what you find.

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Yup, me too. Years and years of satisfied service using DynDNS and then they go and change their API and my DD-WRT router apparently quit updating. I rarely check the email account tied to DynDNS (I purposely set up all such services this way as, well, if you could see the spam I get in this email box...) and today not only did my hostname quit resolving, but then when I went to remedy it, my account had been deleted! Yay. There is a URL I will never get back (since they quit offering it to free users).

Ah well, there are a lot of free DDNS fish in this interweb sea of ours, so... in the interest of helping out, here is a pretty complete listing of free DDNS service providers. BTW, I personally switched to and it took all of 5 minutes total to: create the account, verify the account, log in, change my login, create a new host (this took the most time as they have, just like DynDNS USED to have, dozens and dozens of hostname possibilities!), saved it, logged into my router, configured it, clicked APPLY, and watched it work instantly! Damn, I like it when things work on the first try! Kudos to No-IP!... BUT, if THEY try and pull the same trick DynDNS pulled, I will switch to another in a heartbeat. FYI. Anyway, here is a nice alternative list to choose from for ya'll (taken from )

Good luck!

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Just saying that it would be sweet if this feature was built in as an option in the appliances.  :)

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And I'm sure I logged in less than 30 days ago.  I figure, they aren't getting any money from me so I may as well screw them like they screwed me.

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I was browsing the turnky github reposotry, and noticed Alan (one of the devs) submitted patches to a fork of boto.route53 (which is Amazon's scalable DNS service).

I searched the forums but didn't find anything. Does anyone know if a secret project is under development?

I hope so, that would be so awsome!

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Or perhaps Alon is just being a good open source citizen!? We'll have to wait and see! :)

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David, you hit the nail on the head! I just announced TurnKey domain management and Dynamic DNS on the blog. Go take a look...

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I was away on vacation when they sent a renewal notice.  By the time I got back I was out of luck.  my subdomain is gone now.  I can't even pay to get it back.

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I to have had my DynDns account deleted after many years of use. I responded to the inactivity email immediately after receiving it.  Then after another 10 days my account was deleted without notice.  It seems to me that Dyndns wants all the free users to move on to another provider, and so I have.  Thanks to the readers here I have switched to No-Ip and have been satisfied so far.  I will never return to Dyndns after reading all of the similar complaints on various forums.  I just wish Dyndns had the courtesy to remove the free service rather than attempt to discourage users into paying for their services.   Shame on you DynDns, deny this tactic all you want....we see through your BS.

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Out of curiosity, did you take a look at the free Dynamic DNS service we just released?

freedns's picture

We are maintaining the most complete and up to date list here now, which is forwarded from the old master lists including, technopagan,, etc.

Dynamic DNS

We're doing our best to keep it up to date, so if you see any moves/adds/changes needed please don't hesitate to holler.  We'll add a listing for turnkeylinux Best of luck! 

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Funny how there are so many of us with the exact same story in regards to our dyndns accounts.  There's no way this can be a coincidence.

I too had my long standing (years) free dyndns account deleted.  I was using the
'' domain which now just happens to be a 'premium' domain only available to paying members.  I recieved the change warning email.  At that time I checked my router (flashed with DD-WRT) and it was logging into my dyndns account and making the required changes on a regular bbasis.  According to the change email I had nothing to worry about.  A few moths later and my domain no longer works and my account is completely gone.  Sitting in my inbox was the 'account deleted' email.  This was the first email I had received from dyndns since the change email (mail filters put all mail from dyndns in its own box).

Dyndns, if you couldn't keep providing the free service, thats fine.  Just let us know and give us a warning so we don't discover the hard way that our setups are broken.  This was a poor way to handle the situation.  Who's to say you wouldn't pull this same kind of stunt with paying customers further on down the road.

I've switched to no-ip as well ( domain FTW!).

Thanks for the DNS service dyndns.  It was fun while it lasted.

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I just created an account at, and received this message after activating my account:

Limited Time Offer

Sign-up for No-IP Enhanced within the next 4 hours for only $5.95 (Save $4)

  • Save time because your account won't expire - no need to update your account every 60 days to keep it active.
  • Create up to 20 host names
  • Choose from over 50 domain names that are less impacted so you can find the name you want.
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I just found my account removed today, years of perfect syncing with my router setup, and now its gone. I found the "warning" email in my gmail account. It wasn't actually marked as spam but had this note

"Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information.  Learn more"

I can't help but wonder if DynDNS didn't forge the email like that on purpose. So possibly thousands of gmail users won't see the notice... good job guys.

Wasn't even using any special domains (ye olde, and Can't create a new free account to even see whats's up, so not going to bother paying them since I probably can't get the domain back.

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Well I figured out how to create a free account (it seemed like they were forcing you to create a pay for account, you have to click remove though).

So just as the extra kick in the face, I created a new account with same user/pass (of course saw I couldn't use anymore), created a new domain pointing to random IP, updated my router to point to the new domain (didn't change user/pass settings), and voila the IP is updated on dyndns page.

I was under the impression they only deleted accounts if you didn't login to the website OR updated your domain (with one of the many available clients) within 30 days. So it seems to me like the updater in my router is still working fine... again good job guys. Seems like they really are just deleting old free accounts to force people to upgrade to keep their old dyndns domains.

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The same thing has happened to me with DynDNS. I lost several accounts without getting any email. I even have problem creating new ones, as the confimation email often does not reach me. It seems to me that DynDNS is dropping emails or Gmail is rejecting DynDNS emails, which creates a lot of problems: you create the account and it is not confirmed, and you cannot change it until it is deleted. A lot of aggravation.

I locked myself in with a domain name that includes dyndns. I now see this was a mistake, which I will fix and run away.

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I had been using dyndns for ~10 years, I forgot to go to the link in the email they sent to update the account and now it's gone. Yes I probably should have have bought their pro service but I really had no need for more service, I would have been happy with less. I am just very unhappy with the way this works, deleting the account with no way to reactivate, I have to recreate the account and I cannot get the domain I had without a purchase. 
I will probably go somwhere else, even if I have to pay !

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I also had isseus with dyndns and fond this threadin google. I don't need all hub faetures, but hubdns gives me wat i need for dns

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We've decided to close comments on this thread as Chris from DynDNS has made a genuine effort to resolve Jeremy's issue, as well as others who have commented.

This thread has plenty of information for anyone looking for alternatives, and the recent comments aren't adding much other that "me too"ism.

If anyone would like to raise the issue again with new information, feel free to create a new forum post.