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What steps would be involved in such a process?

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One would be to make an ISO of the file system using the tutorial that Alon wrote.

Another would be to use an imaging program such as Clonezilla to image the virtual drive then restore to real hardware.

A third would be to use RemasterSys. I've never used it in a headless environment but I'm sure you could get it to work. It will create an ISO.

Or you could do it manually over the network using netcat & dd (you'll probably need to boot your VM with a live CD). Here is one vaguely relevant tutorial I found from a quick google (scroll down to the instructions for Debian/Ubuntu), but there's plenty more and if you have a good read I'm sure you'd find something more specificlly relevant to your scenario. Just remember that TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04 server and you'll be right I reckon!

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