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Hi there,

I've been looking to see if there is a Turnkey Zend Server appliance. Searching through the list of appliances doesn't seem to list one, whilst the forum refers to Zend, it doesn't seem clear whether or not an appliance exists.

Ideally, I'd like to see a LAMP appliance with Zend Server CE installed. If this isn't available, has anyone done this (and is it easy to do, for someone with limited admin experience).

If there isn't one, is there likely to be in the near future? I know that Zend have their own appliance, but I prefer the Turnkey approach.

Kind regards

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And AFAIK there are no plans to release one any time soon.

But I created the KnowledgeTree TKLPatch which includes Zend Server. If you are familiar with Linux then you could have a look at that and just exclude the KnowledgeTree bits and you should be good to go (untar the patch and tweak the config scripts - you can probably remove all/most of the overlay files too as from memory they're KT related). The patch is getting a little old now so it's possible that it could use a little updating and tweaking, but should basically work.

FWIW (assuming you don't feel like reading through the whole convaluted thread) there were some idosyncracies with installing Zend Server on Ubuntu 10.04 (although they may well be resolved by now). IIRC there are 2 versions of Zend in their CE repo. One is based on php5.2, the other on php5.3. Ubuntu includes php5.3 in the default repos but the v5.3 Zend version had some issues when I was working on this patch so I went for the 5.2 version. Using v5.2 means that you will probably run into issues with any php modules from the Ubuntu repos (ie they won't work, possibly won't even install without removing Zend). Also phpMyAdmin from the repos won't work with that versin of Zend either (it expects php5.3).

So if you'd like to see an official TKL Zend Server appliance sooner than later, then consider creating a TKLPatch for it. I'm happy to provide some asistance if you want, although that's all it'll be 'cause I have plenty on and have no imediate need for a Zend Server appliance.

Good luck.

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That's a great response, Jeremy. Thank you for your advice.

I'll follow up the different options that you have highlighted here, and decide on what will be the best way to go.

Thanks once again

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