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I am using the Turnkey MediaWiki's live cd, and in English every thing is going well. but when I try to use Hebrew, I get a mysql error that I am mixing illegal charecters. So I cant search and I can't link to other pages. is there a way to install Hebrew support?

My other question is:

Is there a GUI to the TurnKey MediaWiki? all I got is a terminal view...



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Thanks for reporting this, I have filed a bug report on launchpad - you can subscribe to it to get updates.

Regarding your GUI question, our appliances are currently optimized for server role tasks, and as such don't come with a full-blown desktop environment - even though you can install one (apt-get install ubuntu-desktop), it is generally not done on linux servers.

An appliance is intended to be administered remotely from another computer via the web management interface and SSH service.
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I have confirmed and debugged the issue - see the bug report for more information and a fix.
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I installed turnkey mediawiki and I don't have the login detailes, when I installed it I Was asked for the root password and not for a user name... Arbel
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The default credentials are available in the release notes.

When installing an appliance, you will be asked to supply a new password for the root user (which I assume you are referring to). Once the system has been installed, you can then login with the username root and the password you set during installation.

I hope this answers your question.
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I am sorry, but I don't know how to turn that value to true, and I can't install the ubuntu desktop, I get the message that it cant find the package. thanks for the VERY quiqe respond... Arbel
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setting the value to false

1. log into the appliance as root, with the password you set during installation.

2. at the prompt, type the following exactly:
sed --in-place "s/\$wgDBmysql5 = true;/\$wgDBmysql = false;/" /etc/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php
3. verify the value was changed to false
grep wgDBmysql5 /etc/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php

I wouldn't install ubuntu-desktop on a server as I already mentioned above. If you insist, you need to update the package cache prior to installing ubuntu-desktop:
Please read this before installing ubuntu-desktop
apt-get update
Rather, connect to the web management interface from your browser using https://appliance_ip:10000 as described in the configuration console.

Refer to the screenshots to see what I am talking about.

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