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Twitter usage is exploding through the roof so I figured it was finally time to start broadcasting some project tweets for all your twitterers out there.

We are now using twitter feed to broadcast all news, updates and forum posts into TurnKey Linux's twitter account.

Next step is to figure out how to best promote our twitter presence on the website itself. I'm open to ideas!



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Good point, Liraz set up the auto-tweeter so I'll ask him if he can add a delay. Hopefully that will stop the spam tweets.

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Perhaps another way would be to only tweet registered user posts. Very few spammers register and those that do get shut down pretty quickly. So while that still wouldn't be a perfect solution surely it'd reduce the spam tweets by a huge amount.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've delayed auto-tweeting from 30 minute to 3 hours. Also, I've re-activated Mollom spam filtering for anonymous comments. We disabled it a couple of months ago due to false-positives. Let's give it another try.

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