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Have downloaded the latest version of the Zimbra Appliance and put it live, the documentation says that it is built on the latest Turnkeycore which contains Ubuntu 10.0.4 LTS ,  however it seems to be built on Ubuntu 8.   The version I have downloaded is 2009.10-2.  Is there a newer version or is the link on the appliance information page linking to the wrong descroption of core?

Any help or advice greatly recevied?

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I just came to this forum to ask almost the same question! I want to replace my Citadel-based webserver with a Zimbra appliance and noticed that Zimbra is one of the last appliances that have not been updated to the latest core release.

So my question is: can I go ahead with the 2009 edition and migrate the data with TKLBAM to a new edition or is that a bad idea, meaning that I rather wait for the release of the new edition before I even start?

Any pointers would be very welcome!

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Unfortunatly the latest TKL Zimbra appliance is v2009.x (based on Ubuntu 8.04).

There is a bit of an issue with upgrading Zimbra as it no longer supports 32 bit Ubuntu and currently TKL is 32 bit only. That leaves the devs in a quandry... should they hack it and release a product that is not supported upstream and may possibly be unstable and cause problems (and will need to be hacked again probably each time it needs an upgrade)... Or do they leave it and release it once TKL release 64 bit appliances? Due to the lack of an updated appliance I'm inclined to think that they are holding off for when they can release 64 bit appliances. But I know they have a huge amount on at the moment so who knows?

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Thanks Jeremy, even though that's bad news, it is good to know.

But maybe some TKLBAM/Zimbra experts here have thoughts on whether my first plan (install now, migrate/update later) makes sense. The idea would be that since TKLBAM only stores user data, not appliance files, a migration between the 2009 appliance and a shiny new Zimbra appliance would only affect the Zimbra data files which have (hopefully) not changed location between versions and which (hopefully) can be auto-updated by Zimbra itself. 


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Although the devil is always in the details. Depending on how much things change(/have changed) between the versions of Zimbra it may be as simple as running TKLBAM. Or it may be more involved, requiring some degree on manual tuning/config/etc.

Are there any plans to add a Zimbra appliance ?



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It would be awesome, but unfortunately we don't currently have the resources to devote to building new appliances just at the moment. Soon I hope, but I'm not sure...

FWIW If you or someone wants to make a new one, that would be very welcome and once we add it to the library we'd obviously take a role in maintenance.

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