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Hello, On the current Mantis TLK appliance, I have it running successfully and all is well.

My desire/need is to use Mantis for a tracking system for managing multiple tickets for projects and request for multiple customers. I need to upgrade to 1.2.8 to allow me to use the report by email plugin to allow customers to send in requests via email, basically the missing link for a tracking system for IT. I've tried upgrading via apt-get upgrade mantis but I believe because Mantis is not in the repository, I have to do a manual upgrade and therefore apt-get upgrade fails.

I've then followed the upgrade instructions on MantisBT, however after copying my config_inc.php from my /usr/share/mantis/www to my /usr/share/mantis-1.2.8 as noted in the upgrade instructions and running the install.php script on my new mantis-1.2.8, I get this:

Checking Installation... Config File Exists - Upgrade GOOD Setting Database Type BAD database type is blank? Checking Database connection settings exist BAD database connection settings do not exist? Checking PHP support for database type BAD database is not supported by PHP. Check that it has been compiled into your server.

When I remove my copied config_inc.php (i.e a new install), I get this:

Write Configuration File(s) Creating Configuration File (config_inc.php) (if this file is not created, create it manually with the contents below) POSSIBLE PROBLEM cannot write /usr/share/mantis/mantisbt-1.2.8/config_inc.php Please add the following lines to /usr/share/mantis/mantisbt-1.2.8/config_inc.php before continuing to the database upgrade check: <?php $g_hostname = 'localhost'; $g_db_type = 'mysql'; $g_database_name = 'bugtracker'; $g_db_username = 'root'; $g_db_password = 'some_password'; ?>

Clearly I am doing something wrong. I just want to upgrade the s/w, and I don't know enough about it to know why it's not working the way it's documented. Any feedback, help or direction would be greatly appreciated!! On a side note, how does TKLBM work with appliances after an upgrade? I.e. let's assume I am successful in upgrading Mantis. Will TKLBM be able to migrate and back up the Mantis appliance, including the new upgraded version of Mantis?

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I have no idea why it took my post, which I had properly spaced in paragraphs, and bunched it all together. Sorry if it's difficult to read.

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So I'm not much help there. First thing I'd check is if the TKL Mantis appliance installs Mantis from the Ubutu repo or from upstream. You should be able to tell from the TKL Mantis appliance page. If it's not mentioned clearly there, try the changelog (link should be fairly obvious) and if all else fails check the manifest (again its a link on the appliance page. The manifest includes only installed packages so if Mantis is mentioned there it's from the repos. If it is in the repos, it won't update major version, it will only include backported security fixes when you ugrade it via apt-get.

Because of the problems you are experiencing I'd suspect that it is probably from the repos. In my experience sometimes you need to uninstall (and purge) the repo version before you can successfuly install from upstream. Make sure all your data is backed up before you do any of this! TKLBAM will do the job nicely but personally I'd double chekc that it all works ok in a clean instance (install a clean TKL appliance to VBox or similar and do a test restore).

Then (assuming it is from Ubuntu repo) uninstall it with

apt-get remove --purge <mantis-packagename>

You should then be able to do a clean upstream install.

As for how well TKLBAM will handle your data after upgrading, I'm not sure. It will take some testing and perhaps it may require some tweaking, such as including files/directories. It may even be easier to install upstream Mantis to the LAMP appliance instead? Although that would require a manual migration of your data (from your old Mantis to the new one based on LAMP). Your TKLBAM backups from then on will be bigger (because they will include all the Mantis files as well as your data) but it would be reliable. All this is still assuming that TKL Mantis has Mantis from the Ubuntu repos...

Good luck and sorry for the late reply.

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