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[I've been using TKL appliances for about a year. In my school environment I can easily create a VMWare VM, mount the TKL ISO, and be up and running in minutes. I've enjoyed better than average success editing the VMs to enable multiuser for WP, or customize Moodle, for example. I rate my skill level as 'basic-proficient.']

When posting TKL appliances, can a suggested production configuration be posted?

Although my testing had Moodle running fine on a VM with 1G RAM, when 20 students logged in the machine began to crash unexpectedly. I increased to 3G and it stabilized tremendously. I'm not sure how to tell if I would benefit from allocating MORE RAM to it.

I've currently assigned a single core to the machine. Would this appliance benefit from additional cores, or by nature of the appliance is this just wasting resources?

What other settings would help increase the efficiency of the appliance? Next to the changelog, documentation and ISOs on the DL page, perhaps some of this information could be posted?

As always THANKS for all of the hard work on TKL! I wouldn't be able to provide this in our HS if it weren't for your work!

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You will need to tweak your php.ini file for the moodle application to use more memory

use nano to edit the file below



Set the config string to 512 or higher i think default its set to 40M which isnt enough for large apps

memory_limit = 512M

and yes giving it more virtual processors will help! apache/mysql/php are all multi threaded and will take a advantage of it.


One more thing make sure you restart apache apache2ctl restart

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