TurnKey Hub

The TurnKey Hub provides an easy to use web interface for managing TurnKey Linux cloud servers and TKLBAM backups. It also provides an interface for HubDNS (dynamic DNS).

The Hub currently relies on AWS as a backend and Hub users will require an AWS account. If you don't already have one, you will be prompted to sign up as part of the Hub setup process. New Hub users are also eligible for the AWS Free Tier. Please see AWS Free Tier FAQ for further information.

To link your AWS account to your TurnKey Hub account, you will need to create an "IAMs role" for the Hub. This is more-or-less a "sub user account" that the Hub can use to access your AWS account. The Hub includes instructions on how to do that, although you can find more detailed IAMs role creation instructions that include screenshots. If you wish, auditing can be configured (within AWS console) to track all AWS actions taken by the Hub.

For pricing information, as well as information on inclusions for the different plans, please see the Plans and Pricing page and/or the full Charges, Cancellation and Refunds policy. Hopefully most other questions will be answered by the Hub's FAQ page.