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Hello there,

i just stumpled upon turnkey and i am thrilled. Very easy flawless installation even for a newbie like me.

i do have a some questions:

1. is it possibly to switch an appliances, specifically joomla, to ssl?

2. Is the appliance safe to use without any knowledge of server maintenance/security?

Moreover i would suggest to make an appliance out of opengoo or something similar...



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All webapp type appliances (e.g., Joomla) support SSL out of the box. Just browse to https://appliance_ip
Further more, Joomla has the configuration option to force SSL for the entire site, or only for the administration console
Joomla Administration -> Global configuration -> Server -> Force SSL
Server maintenance
Well, that is quiet an open-ended question. Essentially, all servers need some form of maintenance now and then. We have tried to minimize overhead by configuring all TurnKey appliance to auto-update daily with the latest security patches.

I was unaware of OpenGoo, but it looks interesting and we will definately take a look, thanks!


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