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Today I set up a Wave Federation server in a VirtualBox instance of Turnkey base. I followed two sets of instructions which were spot-on except for two times that I got lost and confused.

First, after setting up a new VirtualBox machine using Turnkey Base, 2GB virtual hard-disk, and 384MB RAM, I followed this forum post to set up OpenFire:

The only change to that process is that you need to install sun-java6-jdk, not sun-java6-bin. This is because in the next step we download the Wave Federation prototype server and build it. You also need to install ant (apt-get install ant).

The instructions to install the prototype server can be found here: Again, the documentation is accurate, but perhaps confusing. I'm not sure what good names for test servers are, but my choice of "" functioned adequately.

A summarized list of the steps involved:

  1. install Turnkey Base appliance
  2. change script provided by jonesmz to install sun-java6-jdk
  3. run script to update Ubuntu, Turnkey, and install OpenFire
  4. run 'apt-get install ant'
  5. perform OpenFire basic setup (admin account)
  6. configure OpenFire to support Wave as an extension
  7. download the current server code
  8. build the code
  9. edit the file
  10. start the server
  11. in another terminal window, run a client to connect to the server

Worked really well for me, the next step would be figuring out how to connect a local command-line client to the server inside VirtualBox.

Hope this helps get a Wave Federation appliance up and available!

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Thanks Stephen, this is good stuff. I talked to Alon a few days ago about including a Wave federation server in our next batch of releases, and this kind of information makes it easier for us to get started. Excellent.
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Glad you liked it and that I'm not the only one getting excited about WF servers and helping get this technology off the ground. I wasn't sure what the next step for Turnkey would be, so I just stopped there. If anyone needs more info from my install, feel free to ask!

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I am running an Openfire message server on my XP system.


I downloaded all the Google Wave Federation programs and did the ant build successfully.

I am trying to run the " command in a DOS Command window. I change the directroy to the wave-protocol directory then try to run the shell however my system seem to not recognize the command $:./   Do I need to find a comprable .bat file instead of attempting to run a .sh command??

An y help you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks, Norm



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Since this site is focused on Ubuntu in particular and open-source in general, I hadn't considered being able to run this on Windows. Here's my best guess, and suggest you blog your success and become The One Who Knows in as wide a circle as possible :)

The main bit inside the file is the following lines:

java -jar dist/fedone-client-console-$FEDONE_VERSION.jar $USER_NAME $WAVE_SERVER_HOSTNAME $WAVE_SERVER_PORT sets all those capitalized-name variables. If you want to cross-read the files to figure out what exact incantation you need at the command line, you can write your own batch file to run it for you. On Google's page discussing the ConsoleClient, I found this example batch as part of a comment (search for 'batch'):


java -jar dist/fedone-client-console-0.2.jar %USERNAME% %WAVE_SERVER_HOSTNAME% %WAVE_SERVER_PORT% 

Hope that helps!

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To the best of my knowledge bash scripts will not run natively on Windows. Without reading all about what the wave server entails I would assume that the script is only meant to be run within a Linux client!? Sorry not much help I know.

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We have just released TKLPatch. If someone could create a patch for the above it would dramatically push this appliance forward.
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I have created a new section in the development wiki for TKLPatches, and have added this patch to the list. Feel free to update the patch page as you see fit.
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I have two videos up on youtube. you should see the if you search google wave federation on youtube.

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To the youtube videos you are referring to would help.

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