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Request: Tomcat on Apache Appliance + OpenGTS

Firstly I want to say thank you for the big help! Its really helpfull everything here!

Please..... could you make a package with Tomcat on Apache Appliance & OpenGTS for a stand alone vehicle tracking server?

This will be very good.......

Thank you!

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Adding that to our todo list

First, thanks for the kind words of encouragement. Glad you are enjoying our project. I hadn't heard of OpenGTS before. Looks interesting. It's amazing how much good open source software is out there isn't it.

I've added OpenGTS to our todo list but note that we prioritize how we use our limited resources to help the largest number of users and this is kind of a highly specialized application. It would be extremely helpful if people in the OpenGTS community partner up with us to sort our the integration details and put together a prototype appliance with TKLPatch.

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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your answer!

You do an excellent work and all of us must support you as much as we can.



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android GPS2OpenGTS

I found an android app on the android market called GPS2OpenGTS that works with OpenGTS.

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+1 fot opengts


+1 for a OpenTGS appliance!



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