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As you probably know the ubuntu server team is working on the next LTS release, Lynx, which is scheduled in approx.  4 months from now.

As I'm starting deploying many of my turnkey appliances these days I'm wondering what will be my upgrading options, since some of the important appliances are deployed on real hardware or on my DMZ dist upgrade is quite important, new hardware drivers in the kernel  and new features of other core components make it a must for me.

Are there any plans for that ? are there any other options of upgrade ?



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Remember that TurnKey is just regular Ubuntu under the hood. We expect the Ubuntu developers to make transitioning from one version to another as simple as possible. Otherwise lots of people get stranded on a version that will eventually loose support and nobody wants that.

We're in the same boat. When we come out with support for the next version of Ubuntu LTS, probably not long after Lynx comes out, we will make sure that you can upgrade, hopefully with as little pain as possible.

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Personally, I have never found upgrades between versions to work very well.  I try to do a wipe and fresh install with each new major version.

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A good data backup and data migration system should make it relatively easy to move your data between one version of an appliance and another. We're working on it.
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Now that Lucid Lynx (10.4) was released, are there any news on this front?

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Sorry for the delayed response. We're in the middle of the process. There are just a few issues to resolve with the Lucid based Core and we can upload a beta to sourceforge for community testing. Betas for the rest of the appliances should soon follow and after that betas for new appliances based on the submitted TKLPatches.

So betas will be out and in the hands of the community very soon. That official versions will still be based on 8.04, but our rough goal is to officially release the Lucid builds around the time the first Lucid maintenance release comes out. This is in line with Canonical's recommendation that users of the previous LTS version (Hardy) should wait until the first maintenance release of the new LTS to upgrade.

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For those interested, the beta is now available for download.

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