I come from a Java background, and was recently wowed by a brief intro tutorial on Grails.  So, how about a Groovy on Grails Appliance, with PostgreSQL or Ingres as the RDB?  (Not sure if Oracle's really going to support MySQL).  

But I'd think that maybe it would be pretty easy to add a Grails package to your existing Tomcat appliance.

Any thoughts on either path?


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Grails looks impressive, I have created a blueprint to track the development effort.

If you would like to push the appliance forward, I recommend taking a look at tklpatch (a simple appliance customization mechanism), possibly basing off the tomcat appliance as you suggested.

Hi Alon,

I'll certainly take a look at tklpatch, although this may very well be over my head.  But hey, the worst that can happen is that I might actually learn something.


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What are your requirements for a Grails VM?

Are you asking about TKL's requirements, or the previous poster's (Mark Samsei) requirements?

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Mark Samsei's requirements.

Odd how my new pict shows up, but the tag says "not verified".

Hard to say if a Grails developer would want an RDBMS on the same box or not.  It certainly makes development very convenient, but that wouldn't be the way to go for a scalable production environment.


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