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Or should polls apear in the Forums themselves? Or perhaps Polls should be locked and only be able to be created by TKL Devs?

I just put up a new poll (regarding whether there is interest in a 'legacy' version of TKL) and then got to thinking that perhaps the polls (or the whole Polls page) needs to be more easilly accessable?

I know there is a link to it on the Help page and there is always a poll on the Front page (bottom right) but I think a link on the Forums page may also be a good idea. Especially seeing as there is a link there to "Post new poll".

I noted that when I created the poll I was asked whether to assign it to the Support or General Forum (I selected general obviously) but then it doesn't appear in the General Forum, but in the separate Polls section. The Forums page suggests that the Poll is there (General: Last Post - 28 min 49 sec ago
by JedMeister) but when I go into the General Forum its not there (most recent post/reply - 1 day 8 hours ago). I have to go to the Polls section to find it.

I guess the other option is to lock the creation of new polls on the Polls page thus requiring users to only post in the forums (thus leaving the Polls section for just Dev created polls).

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Other forums I have seen allow users to create a poll in a forum thread.  I like that idea.

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