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I would like a Zabbix appliance. Where do I request that?

Zabbix 1.8: The Ultimate Open Source Monitoring Solution


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The best place would be on blueprints. That way others interested could track the proposal, as well as update the spec if they create a tklpatch, which would drastically push the idea forward.
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Although I'm not 100% sure if I get your point. A DNS server can easily be installed and configured to forward DNS requests anywhere you like. Is that sort of what you were after?

And yes a reverse proxy would be nice. The simplest one I have found following my searching is Pound (and here is more info and instructions for setting it up - should work, except leave the 'sudo' command out). I have tried to configure Nginx and ended up giving up... I couldn't manage to get it to work. Also problem with Nginx is that there doesn't seem to be a nice WebUI for configuring it, so I expect that it won't be a very newb friendly appliance, even with some initial config. So if the devs did a reverse proxy appliance, I suspect they'd use Apache instead. Although Pound doesn't seem to have a nice WebUI either, it also seems much easier to config than Nginx.

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Your best bet is a VPN tunnel I reckon, then the AD server doesn't have to be exposed at all.

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Personally I think exposing AD in any way, shape or form seems like a bad idea. And TBH I'm not really sure what you would be trying to achieve doing that. I'm sure there would be a better, more secure way to achieve your ends whilst keeping AD safely locked away, preferably behind a hardware firewall! (With no incoming connections except via VPN)

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It is so you can use raw Python to create web apps. Have a look here. There may well be a Python web app that has been built to admin Nginx that requires mod_wsgi to work, but mod_wsgi doesn't do that on it's own. Besdies it's an Apache module (although perhaps someone ported it to Nginx too!?)

Squid may be another good proxy option. Squid can proxy pretty much any protocol AFAIK, and it can act as a caching proxy too (which Pound can't).

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