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I had to register just to say "You Guys ROCK!"

Downloaded and tinkered with the Domain Controller Appliance to look at options for a work project and I'm completely blown away by it.

Looking forward to trying out some of the other appliances and hopefully putting something back into this outstanding project.

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Many thanks for the positive feedback. Knowing that other people are finding TurnKey useful makes us feel warm and fuzzy all over. Seriously. It's very encouraging to see an enthusiastic community form up around our baby open source project.
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Thanks Liraz. I did some more tinkering today and got a bunch of XP machines hanging off the PDC appliance quite happily.

I see from other posts on the forum that people have had issues getting machines to join so I'll try and write up a quick start guide once I iron out a few of the niggles I've encountered and get a stable domain running.

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Good on you Codehead, I'm sure many people new to TKL DC would really appreciate that.

I reckon the best place to put your notes would be here on the Community Wiki.

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Looks like my project is getting binned. Shame I was looking forward to twiddling with TKL in work's time.

Anyway, I'm still tinkering with the TKL PDC at home and will write up a guide when I get a chance. I'm having difficulty working out how to add a page to the site wiki (I've only really used MediaWiki before) but if I get the thing written up offline, I'm sure you guys will prod me in the right directio to integrate it.

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If you go to the documentation you'll see an "add child page" link on the bottom. That allows you to add a sub-page. Don't worry about integration though. If you're having any trouble with that just focus on writing the content (e.g., even in a text editor) and worst case scenario we'll add that to the documentation ourselves (e.g., you can email it to us or something).

And too bad about your project! Oh well...

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How blind am I! I see the button now. Thanks Liraz.

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