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I have decided that I would like to create a TurnKey appliance that provides the minimal host OS to run VirtualBox VMs "locally". Like a LiveCD that allows running Vbox VMs without moding the underlying physical box. This should also be installable to bare metal when that is an option.

Why VirtualBox? Because my use case requires running Windows games that require DirectX 3D acceleration and no licensing fee for the Host platform.

I'm probably going to set up some kind of "project" to make my work available and get some help. Should I do this on Launchpad? I believe that is closest to TurnKey's own process.

Any input?

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Although I'm not sure how you'll go running 3D games in a virtualised environment from a LiveCD. Sounds like you'll want a pretty high spec PC!

As for development: What about creating a TKLPatch? Also the TKL Dev Wiki may be a relevant place to writeup your plans and progress? You could use the forums here for discussion, help and posting your patch. The TKL Development section gives a complete rundown.

If none of that takes your fancy then Launchpad is probably as good a place as any. I'll be interested to hear your progress.

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The LiveCD will be used to run whatever it can handle. With 4GB of RAM, I can create a RAM drive and copy over the files from the LiveDVD. I may be able to run quite a bit. However, the 3D FPS games are going to be used much less frequently, in this manner, than 2D games. The 3D games will mostly be run on machines where the LiveCD had be installed to the physical box. The LiveCD is more for commendearing boxes for demos and such.

I do plan on using TKLPatch, and I guess there is no harm using the wiki. I'll go create an account/page there.

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