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Hi All

I want to create a Redmine appliance with the latest stable release 0.9.5 plus subversion 1.5.x.  and a few other apps.

I've not created a Turnkey CD before but yet but this seems like a good place to start.

I've had a look at :

And I gather that the next step is having a look at creating a TklPatch

Can any one direct me to the current TklPatch used to crate the existing Turnkey-Redmine application?

I would like to use the instructions on the wiki and to get this sorted in the next couple of days. Am I being optimistic?




I'm not sure where the existing patch for the Redmine appliance is, or even if one was made. But feel free to contact me by mail or on #turnkey if I can be any help. Also, I'd love some feedback on the tklpatch primer at - so if you find yourself there, please let me know if it's wanting of anything. Best of luck,


My understanding is that dropping deb files in the debs folder of your patch working directory - when you run the patch, the debs will take of themselves.

Use the file called conf to upgrade and install only if you have other packages to install. Does that make sense?

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AFAIK the TKL Redmine appliance was taken on by TKL devs prior to TKLPatch being available so I don't think you'll find a patch for it.

It may or may not be easier to patch the existing TKL Remine appliance; but there's only one way to find out!

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