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im a bit confused by what is being offered here. is turnkey a tool for managing and provisioning images on the ec2 cloud? Can i build the images on something like rhel and package my companies software? Make them available only to a specific security group? Or is turnkey its own linux and this just a way of packaging common app stacks similar to the vmware virtual appliance store?

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So it is basically a version of Linux closely based on Ubuntu (with potential to have most/all appliances also available on a Debian base). But different to many distros is that each variance is packaged as an preconfigured appliance, for a specific usage scenario. They are available in various formats which currently include ISO, VM image and EC2 images (more to come soon). Ie very similar to VM appliance Store but with the advantage that they will happily run on a range of bare-metal and virtual hardware bases. Another advantage is that all TKL appliances are FLOSS, so free (in both senses of the word).

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It sounds like you are confusing TurnKey Linux (the virtual appliance library) with TurnKey Hub - the cloud deployment service.

Currently TurnKey Hub only supports deploying TurnKey Linux appliances. Maybe in the future that will change but right now that means you can't deploy an appliance based on RHEL.

That doesn't mean you can't use it to deploy your company's software, it just means you'll have to use one of the existing TurnKey appliances as the base and not some other Linux distribution.

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