admin username : root

admin password  : toor


base : Turnkey LAMP Hardy or Turnkey LAMP Lucid


Working on lucid too

Liraz Siri's picture

Ah yes, something from our todo list. The open source version of Twitter. Hopefully you won't see the fail whale as frequently if you use this.

Anyhow this will make another fine TurnKey appliance. Basil, you've been developing TKLPatches so quickly I'm actually getting exhausted just reviewing them! :)

The only thing that caught my attention here was that access to the Admin interface is not protected by SSL. Might not be a big deal for an application like this though.

Jeremy Davis's picture

To be honest I haven't done much testing. I've been getting exhausted just reading all the release notes and emails :) I'd hate to think what you're inbox might look like LIraz!!!

Ha ha :)

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Seriously, I did promise I would read everything eventually. Especially messages on my favorite topic: TurnKey development.

270 e-mails later the sun has started to rise but my total of appliance worthy TKLPatches has shot up to 25. Basil and Adrian have both blown me away. They're doing amazing work. If development continues at this pace we may actually double the size appliance library in the next release. Throw in TKLBAM into the mix and with the next release TurnKey is going to take the open source world by a storm...

Jeremy Davis's picture

TKL will take off in a serious way. Yes Basil & Adrian have been doing a fantastic job. Now if I can just get it together to release a patch... (*looks worryingly at todo list..*) :)

PS Liraz, perhaps time for a quick snooze!

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