RFC - creating a community FAQ

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Over the years I've seen excellent replies to frequently asked questions on the forum. Some of the same questions pop up ever so often, and crafting a dedicated reply takes time and energy - and finding the already answered questions to either copy and paste, or link to can take time.

So, I propose creating a special FAQ in the community documentation section, which can be used by new users looking for answers, as well as a reference to point to when answering a question.

An example where the community FAQ could be useful, is JedMeister's answer here.

If we do this, I'd also like add a link in the official FAQ pointing to the community FAQ.

What do you think?

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But knowing him from his answers in the forum I can imagine are pretty elaborated and complete. I think that could be a good start, but some work has to be done in the organization/navigation of the site to access the docs/faqs more easily (like the site more focused on appliances, etc). I posted some recommendations and others too, but they are lost in the forum. 

I know this require times and it's not very fun, but we can make it as community. 


My 2 cents...

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And +1 for what Adrian suggests re the web site :)

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