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Patch is complete for Sahana-Agasti 0.6.4 for LAMP 11.0(RC). The credentials are below.  Wrangling the zip file was more difficult than anticipated and the import of the database took a few tries before it was right. Thanks for the help ascheel at #ampache and thanks to Rik Goldman for the guidance. The patch and the ISO can also be found at .



Username:  root

Password:  set on installation


Root user:  root

Root password:  set on installation

Database:  sahana

Database user:  sahana

Sahana user password:  sahana


Admin user name: admin

Admin user password: sahana123

User name: user

User password: sahana123

Sahana is a free and open-source web application dedicated to disaster management and recovery. It has participated in Random Hacks of Kindness and Google Summer of Code. It was deployed first in Sri Lanka, and since has been deployed for incidents in Pakistan, India, Haiti, Chile and many other disaster areas. Sahana has received numerous awards including the Free Software Foundation Award for Social Benefit, March 2007.

I plan to develop a new TKLPatch for Sahana and have it complete by this time next week. I will have Rik Goldman's support as I delve into this endeavor. Since this is my first contribution regarding anything technology, I sincerely encourage and welcome your feedback. Does this patch seem like a good fit for TKL?

My dream is to have my students at Chelsea School write documentation for community service credit - initially for the patch but hopefully for the Sahana foundation.


It is our intention to produce this patch for TKL's LAMP stack 11.0(RC).

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I think this would be a great TKL appliance. Go for it! With Rik's help you'll do it easy! :)

I think your aims for getting the students writing about it all too is excellent. Feel free to get them doing documentation for TKL as well! :p

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Without you and Rik's encouragement, I would not have been able or probably willing to continue.  Thanks for keeping me going.

Sabre Goldman

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Just finished the prototype with lots of support from Rik.  One question: we recorded the build and have a one-hour avi file of it; should we post it somewhere, or is that more of a question for the Sahana team?

Build notes, usage notes with credentials, and a Sahana-Agasti virtual appliance are available at .  I still intend for the patch to be available Sunday, December 19th.

Sorry about the indented preformatted lines.  Not sure where that is coming from.

Build Notes

Create a new virtual machine and install TurnKey Linux's LAMP 11.0 (rc) Lucid.

Get to the command line either by using SSH, the Web Shell, or by dropping out of the configuration console.  Login using the credentials you established on the install.

Set Hostname

echo "$HOSTNAME" > /etc/hostname
sed -i "s| \(.*\)| $HOSTNAME|" /etc/hosts

Alternatively, use nano to set the hostname to sahana in /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts.

Installed dependency

	apt-get install php5-gd -y
service apache2 restart

Download Agasti



	unzip -d /usr/share/


	mv /usr/share/sahana-phase2 /usr/share/sahana

Create Link

	ln -s /usr/share/sahana/www /var/www/sahana

Change Ownership

	chown -R www-data /usr/share/sahana/www/tmp
chown -R www-data /usr/share/sahana/conf

Web-Based Configuration

Outside your virtual machine, navigate to http://$ipaddr/sahana.  Complete web-based configuration. 
It will ask you to do the following:

Change Mode

	chmod -w /usr/share/sahana/conf/

Modify Configuration Console Text

	nano /etc/confconsole/services.txt

Add Sahana, followed by spaces, which are followed by http://$ipaddr/sahana.

Sabre Goldman

As it's worked out, the students and I have committed to Agasti's sister project, Eden. The dev I'm in contact with wants 4 easily updated and distributed ISOs based on TKL and TKLPatch (that is to say, all updates and revisions will be in others' hands. Agasti is amazing for disaster and relief management; Eden is the amazing companion that I understand to be disaster reporting and management for first responders. It's also serves functions in environment management and disaster management [1]. I've noted that it imports from Ushahidi, a TKLPatch Adrian stepped up and created so well. [2]

The dev is looking to us to use TKL and TKLPatch to develop manageable deployment for groups such as Oxfam and Red Cross [3].

The blueprint we're working with is here [4]. If you've seen our work, you'll know immediately that this takes us far out into unchartered territories (for us).

Talking to Alon convinced me of something that I was already on to: that TKL can be a very powerful asset to the Eden project - beyond what's in the blueprint. If anyone can collaborate to put together a proposal regarding how to fully leverage TKL for this humanitarian project, I would love it. I can't make a sale or make a convincing argument in this field. But I'd love to commit the rest of the academic year to Eden and serve the interests of TurnKey Linux simultaneously.

Aside: We're also working with a mentoring and encouraging MOTU to see about packaging Agasti.





Sorry - realized after-the-fact that this is probably a thread hijacking.

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Welcome aboard Sabre. Glad to see we have another fine contributor from Chelsea, the school that just keeps on giving. It would be a special privilege to have TurnKey play whatever small part we can in aiding disaster recovery efforts. I've just added Sahana to the build queue for part 2 so hopefully we'll manage to squeeze in there.

PS: Sorry for being late to the party. Alon and I have both been buried under recently.

I'm so pleased we share enthusiasm for Sahana Foundation's work. Sabre was very enthusiatic today after she read Liraz's post. Now she gets a vim mug. (Literally and figuratively.)

Mayon, the codename for the new Agasti using Symfony for development, is due out at the earliest a few months.

Sabre learned that a new version of Agasti was released today. 0.6.5 is available now at Launchpad [1].

She wonders eagerly whether she should revise the patch. I thought I knew stuff until she asked that. Should the patch be revised at this point?


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Sabre, Rik,

Would just like to post a thank you for all the effort that has been put into creating a turnkey linux instance for Sahana Agasti and Sahana Eden. The install script on the ISO was one of the easiest I have tried for Sahana and required no Sahana specific technical knowledge (which is exactly what we needed). I believe this will go a long way into helping NGOs, Response agencies and our Foundation rapidly deploy Sahana during disaster response. It is also valuable for development.

Backup and protection of data are also important aspects as we cannot afford to lose data during disasters and I liked that the backup to Amazon S3 was also included. Possibly need to look at a few other options as well for flexibility, but we can do that in later iterations.

If Turnkey is willing to host this as an appliance on the website, we will certainly welcome that and point to the respective applicance page from our website.

Thank you!

Chamindra, Director and CTO, Sahana Foundation

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Contributing to the Sahana Foundation with my limited skillset has been very rewarding.  I have had the opportunity to learn about TurnKey Linux and support a mission in which I believe.

It is my understanding that TKLBAM provides support for myriad backup strategies in addition to the one you mentioned.  It is included in the distro.

Sabre Goldman

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We'd like to see Sahana make it into part 2 of the upcoming release, in which case we will be hosting the appliance officially on the TurnKey website and you'll be able to link to it.

Regarding backups, TKLBAM should provide for that. The main advantage over a traditional backup is that it not only backs up data automatically but can also restore automatically. This makes it practical to clone or migrate a Sahana installation (e.g., from on-site, to the cloud) in minutes according to your needs.

It's been very rewarding; I clearly echo the sentiments Sabre's expressed. For full TKLBAM documentation, see the docs here. It's very full-featured and flexible.

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