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I am looking for a Joomla 1.0 version to try out a site upgrade, anyone know where to find one?

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Best thing to do is to install the "Lamp" appliance, then load Joomla into the Root of WWW.

I believe Joomla will auto configure but you may need to define a SQL database first.

Likewise, there should be literature on about how to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5.  Do you have a good backup of what you have now?  If so, you should be able to "import" your running (non turnkey) system on to VMWare as a Linux appliance and try to upgrade that.

Not always the worst thing to just start from scratch w/ a New Joomla install then either copy your setup, or run a syncronizing extension to move everything from one Joomla install to another.

I have no experience w/ 1.0.  Only 1.5 so all should be taken w/ a grain of salt.

good luck,

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