I vote for a ZeroShell type Turnkey Router. I have dozens of projects that could use a great Turnkey Rounter appliance. Lots of custom routing project possibilities.

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A ZeroShell type Turnkey Router would be awesome, especially with Captive Portal and HTTP Redirect capability.

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We have been using zeroshell for a quite while - and have been very impressed by its performance and the features loaded with it. We have experimented with quite a few and this one stands out.

Zeroshell - is a turnkey router for sure as it offers all that a router offers plus lot more.  Its hard to find such an all-in-one router that too as a community edition.

These days multi wan's are common - as failsafe/ speed boost mechanism with failsafe and load balancing abilities. Coupled with usage governance like CAPTIVE PORTAL - another valuable option for restricted usage with an accounting system is always a plus.

It also comes with a flexible FIREWALL can be employed to harden the network and secure it further for decent usage of bandwidth across the network.     


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Zeroshell is the best all-in-one solution that I've found so far for replacing two home routers with a more advanced solution. It has almost all the features I needed, and will run on old hardware. I evaluated other like Packetfence, PFSense, and Sophos but Zeroshell is by the easiest to use and most stable.

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We'll have to look at producing a zeroshell appliance when we get a chance.

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