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Idea for new TKL Appliance

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You guys have done such a great job and I know ya got alot on your plates, but I figured I'd just throw in an idea for a new appliance.

How about an iSCSI server (iSCSI Target) appliance.  This could either be a new appliance or build the feature into the FileServer appliance.

I found an open source project called, "LIO (linux-iscsi.org)" which looks great.  I know very little about this project, other than reading thru their wiki site.

Any thoughts???

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May I suggest TKLPatch

Basically the devs are completely snowed under with work and a todo list that seems to grow faster than they can get stuff done. So while I'm sure they'll welcome your request, unless there is a compelling personal or technical reason for them to develop something like this I would expect it will simply join the list and may even keep getting bumped down the list by other things that arise and have greater priority.

If you are passionate about this idea and want to see it developed, can I suggest that you do some dev work around it and develop a TKLPatch.

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I can understand that.

I can understand that.  I've never done a patch yet, but I'll sure will give it a try.


Jeremy Davis's picture


And if you run into any snags or get stuck, don't be scared to ask for guidance. I know a fair bit about the basics and usage of TKLPatch but there are others on here who are much more technically minded than me who will help if they have the time and knowledge.

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