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How to set up Redmine to work with Visual SVN Server

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I'm trying to set up repository in the new task by entering into field URL path to repository (https://x.x.x.x/svn/repname), but I get this error message: "The entry or revision was not found in the repository." on the Repository tab. Could you help me?


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Solution is here

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well, more than a solution it looks like a nightmare!

Is there any simpest to do list to solve the problem for not so geek people?


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I agree it's pretty untidy

But from a glance it seems that there is plenty of info there - just takes a bit of reading and picking through (although I'm not 100% clear exactly what either of you are trying to acheive so perhaps I'm missing something).

TBH I figure if you're using Redmine and/or SVN version control for anything constructive then you probably already way more geek than me! :)

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A possible workaround is to

A possible workaround is to set up visual svn without HTTPS 

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